Washing Your Face With Coconut Oil And Baking Soda For A Month Does This To Your Face!

It is very significant to preserve clear and healthy skin and that is why you have to wash it on a daily basis. It is also vital what you use to wash it. A number of the cleansers are harsh and loaded with chemicals.

When it comes to your face, simpler the product, the better it is.

But, as an alternative of buying products which are very expensive and loaded with chemicals, you can make your own cream with organic coconut oil and baking soda. They can take care of problematic skin and they are as well safe for the skin.


When these two ingredients are mixed together they work great for treating acne redness, and removing surplus oil and dirt and removing the dead skin. The baking soda is used as a polishing agent, as a deodorizing and cleaning agent.

It can substitute the toxic harsh cleaners and give astonishing results. It is as well used in the cosmetics. The pH level imbalance can be the cause skin breakouts, but baking soda can correct these levels.

The coconut oil has healing, moisturizing, and antibacterial properties that nourish, sooth, and condition the redness of the skin.

It is mild and when combined with baking soda, it balances the cruelty of the baking soda and that is how it turns out to be safe for the most sensitive skin. The traditional wet-milled organic virgin coconut oil is showing the most excellent results.

Source > healthtipsportal.com

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