Unusual Method for Treatment: Aluminium Foil for Health


Aluminum foil has recovery homes and also is frequently made use of by the Chinese and Russian therapists. Method has shown that light weight aluminum foil can be made use of outside the cooking area, however with some caution.

If you have troubles with pain in the neck, back, shoulders, knees and also heels, merely wrap the uncomfortable location with light weight aluminum foil as well as the discomfort will quickly go away.

How you can use aluminum foil for recovery?

Take an item of aluminum foil, placed on the sore spot as well as make a bandage.

Light weight aluminum foil is outstanding for the therapy of pain in the butt, back, arms, legs, joints and so on. It could also be used for the therapy of gout pain and operational mark.

It is just essential to put a piece of aluminum foil on a scar or to cover the thumb and also wrap a plaster if treated gout arthritis. Chinese therapists believe that therapy needs to last at least 10-12 hours.

Area an item of aluminum foil on the uncomfortable location and also leave it over night. Take a break of 1-2 weeks as well as repeat the treatment if essential.

Light weight aluminum foil has a solid anti-inflammatory effect

Aluminum aluminum foil could help reduce colds.

Cover your feet in 5-7 layers of foil as well as area a notepad or gauze between each layer. Maintain this compress for regarding a hr. Then eliminate as well as reset after two hrs. Then again hold an hour then relax. Therapy must be duplicated 3 times. The entire treatment takes a week.

Nevertheless, many individuals still debating how this treatment works.


Somebody consider it scientifically, while others explain it as a treatment with bioenergy.

Russian scientist AV Skvortsov clarifies:

” The therapists usually utilize devices to create an unique energy, such as products from light weight aluminum foil. The body has unique stem cells that are linked with the field of the Earth. For some reason, this field is deformed, which influences the circulation of power that pertains to stem cells.

The aluminum foil surface area mirrors the field of Planet as a large magnifying glass, as well as comes to be much bigger as well as to re-establish contact in between cells and fields. Additionally, glossy film surface area protects against the penetration of external harmful radiation in the body. “

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