Try This Simple Trick to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Face & Skin


There is nothing frightening about having a few dark spots on your face since that’s just your body telling you that you grow old.

Nevertheless, some of you cannot, in fact, handle with the age spots that appear on your hands, face, arms, shoulders, and legs.

You can try our natural trick, and dispose of your age spots for good. Nevertheless, you have to be more informed about the main cause of their manifestation.

Dark spots increase due to extreme exposure to sunlight and UV rays. The more you tan the quicker melanin floods your skin. Yes, we are aware that you love your dark tan, but this routine can with no trouble leave you with an abundance of dark spots on your skin. Experts clarify this as an “overactive melanin.”

Age spots can have a negative effect on your health in general. They don’t frequently develop into cancer but consider doing self-examinations to avoid any further problems. Look for one of the following changes:

• Check with your doctor if your dark spots turn out to be tender or red

• Look for any odd “borderline” in the region of the spot

• Search for color changes, and pay particular attention to the spots that are a bit darker than the others

• Look for alterations in appearance and growth

If you are concerned about your age spots, discuss with a dermatologist, and think about doing the “ABCDE’s of Melanoma” test.

Here’s a nice trick you should try:

Did you ever think that a simple juice can assist you to take care of your spots? All you require is two simple ingredients, and the next video will give you some detailed information.

Fresh onion juice is frequently used in the dealing with scars because onions are wealthy in antioxidants that block free radicals.

Apple cider vinegar is loaded with alpha hydroxyl acids that exfoliate skin and gets rid of dead skin layer.

The mixture of these two can do wonders for your skin.

Apple cider vinegar and onion juice remedy

Soak one cotton pad in the juice, and apply it on your brown spots. Repeat this procedure every day for 2-4 weeks.

You will become aware of the first results in just one week of application, but use the remedy until your spots fade away.

Take care of your skin, and spend stay away from the sun. Do not ever forget your sunscreen. Stay as far away from tanning beds, and discuss with your dermatologist regularly.

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