The space between your skin and the muscle beneath it is where most often lipomas appear. You may know them as skin lumps, and they are actually a growth of fat cells in a tiny, fibrous capsule. They are typically small, do not change in dimensions but can move around a bit in your skin. They are not painful and have a rubbery and mushy texture.


You need be aware that lipomas are NOT cancer and can’t become cancer. They can be discovered anywhere on your body, but are typically situated on the upper parts, like the neck, armpits, torso, arms and sometimes on your upper thighs.

If you have lipomas you do not have to remove them but from time to time they start causing you pain and discomfort. In that case, you may resort to some natural treatment or their removal.

Homemade treatment

There are some herbs and natural oils that can be mixed into an effective mixture for the treatment of skin lumps. You can try using Neem or flax seed oil as the base for your ointment in arrangement with some other natural ingredients.

The therapeutic properties of Neem were used by the ancient Indians as a medicine for skin lumps for a very long time. It’s in fact very effective in defending your skin.

Alternatively, flax seed oil is full with omega 3 and 6 acids which are recognized to be beneficial against inflammation. You just have to be very careful for the oil not to contain heavy metals like mercury and lead.

If your lipomas are causing you pain, use your homemade cream for massaging them, it will ease the discomfort.

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