The perfect pill does exist- Now your farts can smell like chocolate

We people are very intelligent creatures. Over our six million years of existence, we have created some pretty amazing inventions that changed the world like inventing the internet, finding a way to reach the moon.. and now we have the newest in the line- a pill that makes your farts smell nice.

Statistically, the average person produces 14 to 23 farts a day, which is too much odor, even for Voldemort. Though doctors claim that farting is healthy and should be done no matter where the unexpected smell can cause some unwanted attention and can be embarrassing.  All of this can be “thing from the past” according to one French company.               

Finally, a pill was created that can provide a solution for all of your smelly problems.
Тhe pills (named PilulePet) have been developed by an inventor called Christian Poincheval, who claims that his pills can transform your smelly gas into a lovely fragrance of chocolate or flowers.             
Poincheval, who lives in the western French town of Gesvres, has been working on the formula since 2007, selling his products on his site Lutin Malin, perfecting the products and developing new fragrances. So what does it take to come up with such a creative idea? For Mr. Poincheval it only took one dinner party and a couple of embarrassing smelly farts- and the initial idea was born. He explained: “Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done.” A few years later, his pill is been used from all sorts of customers, but most often as a funny gift.      

According to the company, the pill is composed of only natural ingredients that help your digestive system to produce fart that smells nice. The unpleasant odor of gas comes from bacteria in the large intestine that releases small amounts of gases that contain sulfur. The pills help to eliminate those bacteria which removes the bad smell from the gas.               

If you decide to try these pills, you have the privilege to choose from five aromas such as lily, chocolate, violet, rose and ginger. The fart pills are available on the official website or Amazon for 21$.


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