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Don’t Become Your Own Worst Enemy During Your Weight Loss Journey

Don’t Become Your Own Worst Enemy During Your Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss, you are in most of the cases your own worst enemy. Certainly, numerous people on this journey miss their goals by naively sabotaging their own efforts, both by eating or exercising wrong. Sorry to say, when they don’t see the results they want on the scale, they often ditch the attempt altogether.

Do you want to avoid the same fortune? Be sure to stay away from these common mistakes.


Too much, too soon

Many people make the mistake of radically changing their diets. Often, this means to refrain from carbs and sugar cold-turkey, also aggressively cutting down a number of calories they eat. Additionally, they as well tend to be overzealous with their workouts, spending hours each day in the gym.

Although such enthusiasm is surely excellent, the kind of harshness you put yourself under is most likely untenable. The more you deny yourself, the higher the chance that you will “relapse” and binge eats at the first temptation. Keep in mind, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to find a system that will be sustainable for you in the long run.

Because of that, you should start slow. Start by dropping your consumption of so-called guilty foods until you phase them out totally.

Going overboard on cheat days

At last, you managed to run an hour straight? Great job on your stamina training! While such a success is absolutely worth celebrating, try not to do it with food. In reality, a lot of people reward themselves way too much during their “cheat” days.

A reward every now and then is more than fine, but the danger with having cheat days is that it’s so simple to go overboard. One slice of cake quickly turns into two, and before you are aware you’ve destroyed the calorie deficit you’ve been working on all week to create.


Not knowing your calorie intake

You work out on a regular basis, but you still cannot lose the surplus pounds? If this sounds like you, you should take a closer look at your calorie ingestion—you may be consuming way more calories that you thought at first.

Actually, let’s do a small experiment: How many calories do you think are in one tablespoon of vegetable oil? If you are like most people, you will almost certainly answer about 50 calories. Well the real answer: 120 calories!

Seeing that, a lot of dieters are frequently unaware of how many calories they’re in fact eating, which is why they frequently overeat without knowing.

You don’t eat enough

Yes, producing a calorie deficit is the goal of all weight loss plans, and it is most frequently accomplished by eating a little less than you are used to. Nonetheless, some people go overboard with their diet and consume only the bare minimum of 1200 calories to speed up the weight loss.

Yes, you may be capable to radically reduce your weight using this strategy, but you will no doubt be miserable the entire time. And what is even more, it’s only efficient up to a certain degree. Depriving your body of calories will cause it to go into starvation mode. Now, your metabolism slows down to a crawl. When this occurs, your body clamps downs on your metabolic rate, so while you may be dieting and eating as healthily as possible, you still won’t drop the pounds.

Not drinking enough water

Hydration is very important to your health in general, and it can even help advance your athletic performance throughout workouts. Nevertheless, not getting enough water can, in addition, make you more probable to snack—and gain weight. This is for the reason that the body often confuses thirst signals for hunger. That’s why you will get cravings even if you just had a full meal. Next time you feel your tummy growling, reach for a glass of water as an alternative to a bag of chips. Water help you feel fuller, and at the same time, it will assist many bodily functions counting nutrient absorption and easing energy expenditure.


You’re only doing cardio

Cardio is an outstanding form of exercise if you want to lose weight. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and good old will power. But you shouldn’t rely on it as your only form of physical activity—when you’re down to your last 5-10 pounds, cardio won’t be able to help you anymore.

If you actually want to get that fit body you are longing for, consider combining cardio with some weight training. Lifting weights raise your body’s muscle mass and muscles turn out to be very metabolically active, meaning they need more calories to maintain. In fact, the more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

The most vital part of any weight loss program is the beginning. But if you are not cautious, it’s very easy to lose your way. Optimistically, the tips and tricks above will keep you on the right track until you lastly meet your ultimate goal.


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A Miracle Herb: This Woman Was 72 Kg On Thursday, And Went Down To 67 Kg By Saturday

A Miracle Herb: This Woman Was 72 Kg On Thursday, And Went Down To 67 Kg By Saturday

Parsley is frequently used to perk up the taste of our dishes, but this health-boosting herb offers more than that. For one thing, it’s a potent diuretic that efficiently treats urinary tract infections and other kidney-related health problems. Parsley is as well beneficial because it put a stop to water retention.

The parsley tea we suggest here is extensively popular around Europe. Don’t miss out on this astonishing recipe that will not only enhance your UT function but in addition will help you to get rid of overload water in your body. The process of preparation is really simple. On Thursday I measured 72kg, and after two days I weighed 5kg less. It’s about the overabundance water that was discharged from my body, not the fat. Presently I feel incredible,” shared the lady.


  • 5 tablespoons chopped parsley
  • 1 l. water


Begin by putting the chopped parsley into one liter of boiling water. Take it away from heat and leave it for 20 minutes for the ingredients to combine well. Strain it and drink!

By being a powerful diuretic, parsley, in addition, assist in getting rid of toxins, bacteria and harmful substance from your body. It is furthermore a great antioxidant that deactivates the effects of free radicals, therefore, reducing the risk of severe diseases like cancer.

The suggested daily dose of this tea is one liter. Even though this recipe is tremendously beneficial, don’t go over the board with it.

Via naturalremediesforlonglife.com

Speed up Your Metabolism, Remove Toxins and Lose Weight With This Simple and Effective Recipe

We all have one of those days when we enjoy eating, fast food, and high-carb and high-fat foods in high amounts. And the result is several pounds more, and lots of toxins and fats build up in the body.

Nevertheless, there are more than a few natural ways to cleanse your body and support your health in general.

Today, we will present to you one of the most powerful natural drinks that will detoxify your body, help you lose few pounds, and boost up your metabolism.

Here is how to prepare it:


  • ½ lemon juice – organic
  • 1 cup of tomato juice
  • 2 tbsp. of grated ginger
  • Chili powder or hot pepper
  • Celery stalks


Put all the ingredients in a blender, except for the celery, and mix. Put the beverage into a glass, and garnish it with the celery stalks. Keep the mixture in the fridge.

You are supposed to drink the mix and at the same time eat the celery, three times a day. You will experience astonishing benefits in just three days!

Source: naturalcureshouse.com


5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

How frequently do you exercise? A healthy diet won’t let the trick alone, and you must be more active.
Bring in healthy changes to your everyday routine, and you will quickly feel and look better.
We give you five incredible exercises, so you better insert them to your exercises routine. You will look so much better within just a month.

1. Plank

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Planks are the best exercise when it comes to shaping your abs. Do the usual pushup, but keep your body in a straight line, and hold up your body weight on your toes and elbows. Stay in this position as long as you can.

2. Squats

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Keep your feet and shoulder-width apart. Pull out your arms forward. Bend your knees, and get your hips forward. Lower your body, and bring your thighs in a parallel line with the floor.
All the time keep your back straight.
Push your feet into the floor, and bring your back in the first position. This exercise is great for your core and supports an efficient fat-burning process. Do these to build up strong quads, and calves.

3. Bird-dog

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Do the plank, and carry the weight on your hands and knees. Expand your right arm and left leg, and balance your body. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds, and then bring your body in the first position and switch sides. Bird-dog will strengthen your core and lower back.

4. Lying hip raises

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Get down on the floor, lie and bend your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Expand your arms, squeeze your glutes, and lift up your hips.
Bring your body in the first position, and do several more repetitions. This move will assist you to strengthen your abs, thighs, back, glutes, and hamstrings.

5. Push-up

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Do the plank, and hold up your weight on your feet and hands. Keep your body straight. Pushups target every single muscle in your body.
The 4-week exercise plan
Your workout plan consists of two basic workouts:
Workout 1
• Plank – 1 minute;
• Push-ups – 1 minute;
• Squats – 2 minutes;
• Bird-dog – 1 minute;
• Lying hip raises – 1 minute;
• Plank – 1 minute;
• Push-ups – 1 minute;
• Squats – 2 minutes
• Rest – 10 sec.
Workout 2
• Plank – 3 minutes;
• Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
• Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
• Push-ups – 1 minute
Rest – 15 sec.
This is your monthly program:
Week 1
• Monday – Workout 1
• Tuesday – Workout 2
• Wednesday – Workout 1
• Thursday – Workout 2
• Friday – Workout 1
• Saturday – Workout 2
• Sunday – rest
Week 2
• Monday – Workout 2
• Tuesday – Workout 1
• Wednesday– Workout 2
• Thursday – Workout 1
• Friday – Workout 2
• Saturday – Workout 1
• Sunday – rest
This schedule will help you tone your body, and bring your health to best possible level. You will take pleasure in the energy rush.

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Drink One Glass Daily – You Belly Fat Will Disappear In 10 Days!


The remedy we’ve got for you these days is good if you would like to lose lots of weight while not fasting or exercise.

The remedy is truly a liquid manufactured from cinnamon and honey, that provides varied different health edges besides serving to you lose fat.

The mixture can improve your digestion, detoxify your body and accelerate your metabolism moreover. it’ll conjointly alkalify your body and assist with the breakdown of fat.

Cinnamon may be a sweet spice that gives varied health edges – it improves the absorption of nutrients within the body and regulates the endocrine production, effectively preventing polygenic disease.

On the opposite hand, honey may be a nectar that may boost your digestion and metabolism and assist within the fat burning method.

Here’s how to prepare the remedy:


– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

– 2 teaspoons of organic honey

– A cup of water

Preparation and use

Pour the water in a very pot and produce it to a boil, then add the cinnamon and simmer for some minutes.

Next, leave the remedy to cool down before adding the honey and compounding well.

Drink a glass of it on a daily basis on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen within the morning, and also the results are going to be noticeable soon!

Continue with the treatment till you get the figure you’ve continuously wished.



This beverage is enormously beneficial for motivating your body to successfully burn fat.


– 8 cups of fresh water

– 1 Tbsp. ginger root – grated

– 1 organic unpeeled cucumber

– One organic lemon sliced

– 12 fresh mint leaves


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a big jar the night before drinking.

2. Consume the mixture throughout the next day

3. Do the same for 4 times x 4 days

If you combine this beverage with a well-balanced diet, it will definitely help you to obtain a flat belly.

The highest benefit is that you will not have to famish in order to burn belly fat. Since water is the main component, this drink efficiently stimulates your body of getting rid of fat deposits by improving your metabolism without activating any side-effects.

You have to understand that this drink alone can’t do a lot about your waistline, but if you combine it with a healthy and balanced diet, separated into five small meals, along with physical activity, your body will start yo burn fat deposits effectively without you skipping a meal.

It’s significant to drink 8 glasses of fresh water a day in order to endorse healthy digestion and preserve proper bodily functions.

Once you realize these 3 weight loss beliefs are false, you’ll start losing fat effortlessly


One of the main problems for the typical fitness enthusiast that wants to get back in shape is they don’t know what is the correct answer when it comes to some of the essential frequent exercise fundamentals. The reason is because there is so much propaganda on the internet by numerous self-proclaimed fitness experts and even doctor’s. Some of them may seem the part physically but may not have science muster to back their claims.


So if you are trying to get in better shape how do you filter through what are correct vs incorrect? There are a lot of myths in the fitness industry that people will swear up and down is 100% accurate. And honestly, it’s not their mistake because when you are reading something from an expert that has some learning credentials and is saying something that sounds true then why would you question that.

Anyone that wants to get in great shape just wants to be familiar with what they can and can’t do so they can realize their fitness goals in a healthy way. So let’s divide and talk about some of the main exercise and fitness myths and expose them. The point of this is to adjust any old thinking you may have about everything fitness and exercise connected and insert the right information into your head like a huge light bulb to help change aged mythical thoughts.

Stop Believing These 3 Fitness Myths!

Do you need to exercise 7 days a week to get in the best shape of your life?

False! Your body will build lean muscle when it’s inactive and rest not when you are training. Your muscles need time to recover and repair. And the only way it can do that is when you are resting. Your body needs to rest
after exercising 3 to 5 days a week from a rest and recovery point of view. Training every day is a recipe for disaster when it comes to trying to accomplish your fitness goals.

Can you get great abs with daily abs exercises and nothing else?

False! There isn’t an abs exercise or an abs machine that will help you get washboard abs by itself. There is proverb that abs is made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Washboard abs are pinpointing of one thing – low bodyfat. If you have high body fat you won’t see your abs, and if you’re body-fat low then you will see your abs. On a standard for a male to have washboard abs his body-fat should be at least 12% or lower and for a woman to at least 14% and lower. Eating a healthy clean balanced diet is one of the main components in helping you decrease body-fat to help that abs to come out of the hibernation fat.

One more thing that helps with creating washboard abs is integrating a total body conditioning program that engages a cardio/strength training program that will let you burn calories every day which would as well speed up your metabolism.

Will lifting weights make women look massive and for that women shouldn’t lift weights?


False! Even in 2016 regrettably, there are still women for some bizarre reason that think if they train with weights they will look like the incredible hulk. Women don’t generate enough testosterone to look bulky during weight-training. For a woman to look bulky if her training with weights she would have to take PED’s or steroids and also have to eat an enormous of calories to achieve that look.

Weights lifting for women are one of the best ways to tone and shape the overall body on top of speed up the metabolism. All the reimbursement from weight-training are all positive and there is not one harmful thing that any expert can state that will hurt any female when trying to get in best shape.

5 diet mistakes you’re making that only create more belly fat


4 Nutrition Myths and How to Increase Metabolism

Trying to lose weight but no results? You are almost certainly making one of these frequent diet mistakes. This is how to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight easier and more rapidly.

1. Eating small meals a day will speed up your metabolism


This is false! Let’s expose why this is not true!

One of the major myths is that if you are eating every 2 to 3 hours this will speed up your metabolism. This is 100% false because it doesn’t matter how many meals you have within a day. If you eat 3 meals or 6 meals a day, the speed of your metabolism will be at the same speed. You are definitely not going to lose weight because you are eating often.

You have to find a meal frequency routine that works best for your work schedule. The benefit of eating every 2 to 3 hours is that it helps you to avoid overeating because you are not waiting too long for your next meal.

Nonetheless, it will not make you lose more weight quicker or boost the rate of your metabolism. This is one of oldest diet myths in the health industry!

2. Extreme low-calorie diets such as 800 to 1000 calories a day will lead to faster weight loss

This is false! Let’s expose why this is not true!

The majority people think a smaller amount you eat the more you lose and in theory, this is accurate. But the truth is if you eat fewer calories than the quantity needed for your body to function generally, your sleeping metabolic rate (meaning your metabolism) will reduce, making it much tougher for losing weight because the capability to burn calories will be very slow. According to a study when diets are lower than 1200 calories you will discover the biggest decrease in your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). When you are on a diet, be cautious that your caloric intake isn’t brutally too low.

3. All calories are not created equal

This is true!

Having a plan of how many calories to consume is very significant. But, your body processes diverse types of food in a different way! Almost 30% of all calories you consume are protein and are burned in the digestion. 6% of all calories you eat that are carbs are burned in the process of digestion and 3% of all fats are burned in the process of digestion. Because protein is burned so fast, even with no need for exercising, that is one of the reasons why a fine majority of calories ought to come from protein when it comes to losing weight.

A great illustration is this: if you consumed 1000 calories of chicken and 1000 calories of ice-cream you would definitely gain more weight with ice-cream. Just 3% of fat from the ice cream would be burned in the process of digestion whereas 20 to 30% of the protein in chicken would burn in the process of digestion. This process is also known as the Thermal Effect of Food, (TEF).

4. Eating late at night leads to weight gain

This is false! Let’s expose why this is not true!

A lot of celebrities have pushed that late night fat loss myth theory that if they stopped eating after 6 pm, they started to losing weight. The foods you consume are very significant and also the quality but you can’t bring into disrepute a number of calories. Your body doesn’t store more fat at night than during the day! Your body’s capability to gain weight is about what you consume and how much you consume not what time of the day you consume it.

Science says eating late at night won’t lead to gaining weight. A 6 month study that was done in Israel where the applicants ate their main meal at breakfast and some people ate their main meal after 8 pm and they established that the people who ate their main meal after 8 pm lost 10% more body-fat and lost 11% more weight than those who at their main meal at breakfast.

4 ingredients that will help you get the flat belly you want


You can discover different weight loss tips everywhere you look, so it’s very easy to get confused about the reality on the most successful way to lose weight. The fact is that when it comes to losing weight, what you eat is more significant than the amount you eat.

Raw foods will every time win over processed foods. Foods that are full of fiber play a particularly important role in losing weight and it’s simple to integrate them into the food you eat every day.

The role of fiber in weight loss


A study exposes that food with a high-fiber content guide to losing weight.

This is particularly true for people who go after a more easy diet. The researchers were paying attention in finding out whether rising only one nutrient in someone’s diet would lead to losing weight.

The experiment was very successful: The researchers exposed that the participants who just added more fiber-rich foods in their daily diet dropped 2.1 kg (more than 4.5 lbs) in weight in 12 months. If you do not fancy changing your diet radically, increasing your fiber consummation can help you lose more weight.

Why you should target your middle

All the participants in the study suffered metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome consists of five symptoms that can guide to heart disease. The symptoms are high blood sugar, high triglyceride level, high blood pressure, (the fat in your blood), also low HDL cholesterol level, the “good” cholesterol that cleanses the cholesterol in your blood.

The final symptom is having a surplus of fat around your waist.

The fat on your stomach area is riskier than having fat anywhere else on your body because it raises your risk of heart disease. If you increase at least 3 of these symptoms, you are at risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

With more fiber in your diet, you can eliminate these risks.

Fiber-rich weight loss recipe

This recipe has four ingredients with an elevated fiber and water content.

What you will need

• 1 cup celery: water 96.38 g | fiber 1.6 g
• 1 cup parsley: water 52.63 g |fiber 2.0 g
• 1 cup cucumber: water 128.65 g | fiber 0.5 g
• 1 cup pineapple: water 141.90 g | fiber 2.3 g

Mix all ingredients in a food processor.

They previously have high-water content, but if you like you can add water. Do not juice these ingredients for the reason that you will lose some fiber if you remove parts of them. You could consume it for breakfast because it’s a refreshing recipe that unites fruit and vegetables and it’s ideal to help you begin your day.

This recipe will provide you 6.4 g of fiber, which is significant for weight loss, but your diet should contain more fiber and additional nutrients. The suggested quantity of fiber is 25 g for women and 38 g for men on a daily base.

Jumpstart Weight Loss with This Simple Trick

The surroundings that we are living in is very contaminated. Every day, we deal with car gases, beauty products full of chemicals and we eat GMO products. On the top of this, our bodies stock toxins in our fat to evade an immune reaction from happening.

It would be great to lose those extra 10 pounds or getting rid of the feeling of being tired all the time. Also to have a proper digestion, to be without any food intolerance or have a great immune system.


In reality you can do that with one simple method. It is a drink that you can make at home and it is called Morning Lemon elixir. You should make this beverage in the morning so it would be fresh and drink it before eating. If you want this method to work you should use organic ingredients.


– 1 cup of fresh water on a room temperature
– Juice of one organic lemon
– 1 Tbsp. possibly organic homemade apple cider vinegar
– 1 teaspoon raw organic honey
– Half an inch fresh ginger root

Mix all ingredients and just drink up.

If for by any reason, after drinking the morning lemon elixir, you feel bad for the next time cut the apple cider vinegar. This is often a reaction from your body releasing itself of the undesirable toxins.

Start consuming this elixir without the ACV for 3-4 days and that start to slowly reinstate the ACV but start by using half the amount. If the same reaction happens again, take out the ACV again and so not include it anymore.

There are a lot of great benefits of consuming this lemon elixir. Your digestion will be better because the digestive enzymes will rise. The liver will start cleansing itself from toxins, and your body will start flushing the excess fat, which will help some of you to manage your weight. This drink also contains a lot of vitamin C. The blood sugar in your body will be managed better, and your body will become more alkaline and less acidic.

This morning liquid refreshment will improve health and wellness of any individual.