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If You’ve Ever Woken Up At Night Unable To Move, Here’s Why It Happens


In the event that you have ever woken up unfit to move anyone part, you have encountered rest loss of motion, which is a totally cognizant condition, which happens when you go between phases of alertness and rest, or the “hypnagogic” and “hypnopompic” arrange.

The principal arrange happens before nodding off, and alternate occurs when you wake from the REM stage.

It is odd and to a great degree unnerving, and may even reason a fit of anxiety, as you can’t control your own particular body.

Nonetheless, you should realize that it is a typical wonder, and can’t make any physical harm the body.

When we nod off, our body unwinds and the brain turns out to be less mindful, while in the hypnagogic rest loss of motion, the mind stays mindful, yet the body is in an automatic unwinding state, and we can’t move.

Amid REM rest, then again, the muscles are incapacitated, however the cerebrum wakes when the individual encounters hypnopompic rest loss of motion.

A few people never encounter this, however there are additionally others which experience the ill effects of rest loss of motion scenes frequently. Analysts at Penn State University have discovered that around 8 percent of the populace every now and again encounters rest loss of motion.


Rest loss of motion is additionally normal in individuals experiencing some rest issues, similar to rest apnea, on account of mental issue, similar to gloom and nervousness, or because of the utilization of a few pharmaceuticals.

According to WebMD, these are the hazard factors:

– Lack of rest

– Substance mishandle

– Sleep issues, for example, evening leg spasms or narcolepsy

– Mental conditions, as bipolar issue or stress

– Frequent changes in rest plan

– Sleeping on the back

– Certain meds, for example, the ones utilized for ADHD

Rest loss of motion is described by a failure to talk or move for a few seconds or minutes, and it isn’t treated with solutions. However, when specialists analyze some other hidden condition that causes it, they recommend a portion of the accompanying medications:

– Treatment of any basic rest issue

– Referral to a rest master

– Implementation of a resting plan

– Prescription for tranquilizers

– Referral to a psychological wellness proficient

– Prescription for an energizer

You can keep this issue by overseeing stress and enhancing your rest.

However, take note of that in the event that you once in a while encounter rest loss of motion, you ought not look for proficient help, but rather endeavor to enhance your dozing propensities.

Also, constrain the admission of caffeine, nicotine, liquor, and abstain from utilizing electronic gadgets at sleep time. Additionally, recollect that you have to try to avoid panicking on the off chance that you encounter a rest loss of motion, as it is not much or frightening, and it will be over soon.

source: Power of Positivity

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

Picture losing control of your car and after that waking up in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down. Well, this is the story of Kristopher Boesen, who had a life-changing moment when his car lost control on a slippy road surface, then slamming into a tree and lamp post. Doctors informed Kris’s parents that he may never be capable of function from the neck down ever again.

The Procedure

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

Kris was given the opportunity undergo a potentially life-changing procedure concerning stem cells, which ‘have the ability to fix injured nervous tissue throughout replacement of damaged cells‘. This experimental process didn’t guarantee any restoration to Kris’s paralysis, but for him, the risk was worth taking.

The procedure began in April where Dr. Liu injected 10 million AST-OPC1 cells straight into Kris’ cervical spinal cord. (AST-OPC1 cells come from donated eggs that are fertilized in vitro (ie. in a petri dish). For more information on where stem cells come from, check out this resource.)  Dr. Liu clarifies that; “Normally, spinal cord injury patients have surgery that stabilizes the spine but does almost nothing to restore motor or sensory function. With this research, we are testing a procedure that may advance neurological function, which could mean the difference between being permanently paralyzed and being capable to use one’s arms and hands. Restoring this level of function might considerably improve the daily lives of patients with harsh spinal injuries.

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

The Results

After just 3 weeks of therapy, Kris began showing signs of enhancement, and within just 2 months he was able to answer the phone, write his name and maneuver a wheelchair.  He had regained considerable improvement in his motor functions; which are the transmissions of messages from the brain to muscle groups to create movement.

Kris recovered 2 spinal cord levels which made an enormous difference in his movement abilities. It was the diversity of minimal movement or none at all and being capable to function on his own. Kris regained this extremely important feature of independence.

After seeing the results of the stem cell therapy, Kris over the clouds happy, saying; “All I’ve wanted from the beginning was a chance to fight… But if there’s a chance for me to walk again, then heck yeah! I want to do everything possible to do that.”

The Future

Even though doctors aren’t capable to make any promises that Kris’s circumstance will further recover, they can keep experimenting with stem cell research to try and advance the likelihood of it working completely on paralysis.

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained His Upper Body Movement

By now, they have made an enormous steps forward and will optimistically continue to do so in their mission to solve paralysis, by teaming up with ‘associate faculty based in departments across KSOM and the University to study stem cell-driven new medicine‘, Dr. Liu and his team at USC are strong-minded to keep researching stem cells and so much more!

Stem cell research is continuing and can be used in numerous ways other than paralysis; from Parkinson’s and diabetes to cancer. To discover the latest news regarding stem cell research check this website out.

Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move? This is Why!

Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move? This is Why!

Are you amongst the numerous people who have faced a terrifying experience while sleeping, waking up immobilized? This experience is so frightening and you can’t move your body, make a sound, and you even experience shortness of breath. Furthermore, this condition may be escorted by a strong feeling of heaviness on your chest, weighing your body down and a sense of danger. This condition is in fact quite widespread and known as sleep paralysis.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a type of parasomnia, which in fact isn’t dangerous. This condition lasts approximately several seconds and it takes place when a person is awakened, and it as well can occur when in the progression of falling asleep. Even though the particular reason for this tricky sleep experience is still unidentified. It appears that a lot of instances of sleep paralysis happen because of complexity transitioning between different sleep stages. This is mainly true when moving in and out of REM sleep.

During the fast eye movement or generally known as REM, the body becomes paralyzed. This occurs so because this paralysis protects the body from injury during sleep. For this reason, during REM the dreaming occurs. In case there is not a paralyzing effect, there might be a physical reaction to the dreams, which can be rather dangerous.

When it comes to sleep paralyzes, it is supposed that it happens during the transitions in and out of REM sleep and other sleep phases. Therefore, you wake up and become conscious of the paralysis. This condition might be escorted by hallucinations of ghosts and sensations of falling or flying. Even though it is frightening, it is not dangerous at all.

This is rather a common phenomenon and there are certain groups of people more vulnerable to sleep paralyzes. Consequently, people who have disturbed sleep cycles, have experienced trauma, or suffer from depression are more prone to experiencing sleep paralysis. It is as well believed that this experience occurs due to heredity.

What to Do in Case of Sleep Paralysis?

If you, in fact, do experience sleep paralysis, do not panic. Make sure to keep in mind that this terrifying phenomenon is only momentary and harmless.

How to Prevent Sleep Paralysis?

Fortunately, it is probably to reduce the chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. You can do this by improving your lifestyle. Therefore, you should undertake the following steps:

  • avoid extreme alcohol consumption;
  • uphold a regular sleep routine;
  • exercise regularly;
  • keep away from late night dinner;
  • healthy and balanced diet;
  • decrease stress and maintaining the mental health;
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