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Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, upset stomach, insomnia,  anxiety, low sex drive — anybody who is living a stressful life have experienced some or all of these at some point. These hostile symptoms can oftentimes be managed with the help of a few stress-busters, like having a bath, doing yoga, or getting a message.

Are you aware that there are much bigger issues that you have to be worried about aside from those that were previously mentioned above? This is mostly true if your stress is the uncontrolled kind!

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Chronic stress is something that not only makes you feel terrible but can as well get you really sick sooner or later. According to many studies, unmanaged stress can worsen currently-existing medical problems, as well as bring about a lot of others. In other words, chronic stress can enlarge your risk of certain conditions and diseases.

And what are these health problems? Some of them include:

Heart Disease

It’s been long recognized that people who are stressed out all the time are at higher risk of problems concerning the heart. This doesn’t come as a shock since chronic stress can encourage cholesterol buildup and hypertension or high blood pressure, both of which can raise a person’s chance of having heart disease.

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings


Medical experts say that there are several reasons why being stressed all the time can cause diabetes. Primary, chronic stress can in a straight line increase levels of sugar in the blood. Second, unmanaged stress can make a person resort to diabetes-causing habits, such as unhealthy diet and extreme alcohol intake.

GI Tract Problems

An upset stomach isn’t the only GI issue that stress can bring. If left unmanaged, stress is as well something that can make a person experience acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Medical experts state that it is very much probable for chronic stress to finally cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


There is a study that revealed that people who have stressful jobs, such as jobs with high demand but offers few rewards, were at higher risk of depression. Other than depression, chronic stress can as well cause anxiety. Both depression and anxiety can make a person’s life even more stressful, leading to a vicious cycle.


Being always stressed can make a person gain weight most particularly in the midsection, expert’s state. It is all because of cortisol, a hormone shaped by the body when it’s exposed to stress. The problem with cortisol is it promotes the build-up of fat in parts of the body a lot of us are already finding as problem areas: the belly and thighs.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In a study conducted in animals, stress speeded up the formation of lesions in the brain. This is why chronic stress is supposed to speed up the expansion of or worsen Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies suggest that controlling stress can in fact help in slowing down the progression of the said brain disorder.

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Health Problems Chronic Stress Brings

Frequent Infections

Stress that isn’t controlled can cause the immune system to weaken. In other words, someone who lives

a stressful life and fails to control the stress levels is at higher risk of getting flu, a cold, or any other infection. Inflammation caused by chronic stress is as well something that renders a person’s immune system almost useless.

Early Death

Chronic stress can lead to early death. Such is exposed by a study done on the elderly who are looking after their spouses, which can be very stressful. The said study found out that elderly caregivers had a 63 percent higher death rate than those who are of the same age but were not looking after others.

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4 types of people who should never use ginger – it can cause serious health problems!


Why do individuals use Ginger?

Ginger could be an angiosperm loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that hold unimaginable edges for your physical and psychological state.

Its healthful use dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The rootstock of the plant is that the root that’s generally utilized in a change of state and drugs.

Using natural remedies for common ailments are often a good various to prescription medication. Ginger is an associate degree implausibly helpful variety of drugs, treating conditions starting from poor digestion to inflammation, and cardiopathy.

However, it is often dangerous to some individuals.

If you’ve got any of those conditions, you wish to prevent exploitation ginger forthwith.

1. Skinny Individuals

Ginger is understood to help weight loss for patients with polygenic disorder, obesity, and hypoglycaemia. A study found that treatment with a ginger extract made vital reductions in weight and lipoid levels.

Ginger will increase the hydrogen ion concentration of the abdomen and stimulates organic process enzymes for its high fiber content. Once the body with efficiency processes large components of eaten foods, weight loss may end up.

However, for individuals with an occasional body mass index (BMI) UN agency might be malnourished or skinny, suppressing craving and fat removal will result in dangerous health conditions like poor muscle mass, hair loss, expelling irregularities and nutriment deficiency.

If your doctor has told you that you just got to gain weight, then cut back or eliminate ginger from your diet.

2. Pregnant ladies

Ginger is full of powerful stimulants, that is good for our muscle health and digestion, except for pregnant ladies, it will result in premature contractions, which may conjointly result in preterm labors.

Avoiding ginger, notably in your last months of a physiological condition, is imperative.

Ginger root is understood to stop sickness, that could be a common symptom of associate degree early term physiological condition, thus it’s safer to use after you have recently become pregnant.

Ginger conjointly interferes with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and dietary iron, thus you ought to consult a health care skilled before taking ginger as a dietary supplement if you’re expecting.

3. Individuals with a blood Dyscrasia

Hemophilia could be a rare hereditary condition during which the power of blood to clot is severely reduced, that means the sufferer may bleed severely from a minuscule injury.

Ginger stimulates blood circulation, that is very important for many individuals, notably people who suffer from peripheral artery malady, diabetes, avoirdupois or Raynaud’s malady.

Not solely will the plant nullify the results of life-saving medication, however conjointly the overstimulation of blood circulation in hemophiliacs will result in severe and typically deadly hemorrhaging.

4. Folks that take sure Medications

If you suffer from a high vital sign or polygenic disorder and take medications for your condition, ginger is understood to vary the approach the medication you wish react together with your body.

Specifically, beta-blockers, anticoagulants, and hormone medication are often terribly dangerous to combine with ginger.

The reason for these dangers is that ginger will lower vital sign and stimulate blood dilution, which may move with prescription medications with unfavorable results.

An Alternative for Ginger Lovers

If you’re keen on your ginger fix, don’t worry!

There ar several alternatives that nutritionists suggest like cayenne pepper, red paprika, and sweet peppers. They’ll be additional to dishes and beverages to feature that kick of spice to your style buds.


Ginger could be a terribly healthy variety of drugs for the bulk of individuals once consumed in moderate amounts.

It’s nice to throw into our cup of tea once we’re feeling below the weather, it provides a delicious tang to our stir-frys and soups, and it will extremely boost our immune systems, fight infection and relieve pain.

However, individuals in specific medical things should consult a doctor and do their analysis before exploitation various varieties of drugs and flavoring or dietary supplements.