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Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs a Day. I Would Have Never Believed No. 3… awesome!

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs a Day. I Would Have Never Believed No. 3… awesome

In the past, eggs were demonized due to their high cholesterol levels. A lot of doctors recommended that eating eggs is bad owing to the cholesterol and may damage your health, but this was a widespread misconception which has been blown out of proportion. Eggs are one of the few perfect foods for our health – they contain protein, minerals, vitamins,  and antioxidants and can be used in diverse ways.

At the present time, doctors suggest eating 2-3 eggs every day in order to increase your health. If you want to learn more about the benefits of eating two eggs a day, just continue reading the article below.

  1. Reduce the risk of cancer

According to a study available in the “Breast Cancer Research” journal, eating eggs every day can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 18%. In addition, eggs contain a lot of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that will stabilize your estrogen levels which can sometimes be the major cause of breast cancer.

  1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Eggs have up to 40 gr. of HDL (good) cholesterol which can put a stop to numerous cardiovascular diseases. Experts in the past considered that eggs elevate the cholesterol levels in our blood, but this is not true – our body controls its own cholesterol levels, and most of the cholesterol is created by the body itself.

This was established by a research conducted at the Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana. The study concerned 152 overweight people who were separated into 3 groups. The first group ate nothing for breakfast; the second had 2 eggs and the third ate a piece of bread. The results were outrageous – the egg group lost 75% more weight and 35% more belly fat and there were no changes in their cholesterol levels as well.

The high content of omega-3 fatty acids in eggs can in addition decrease the levels of triglycerides, preventing numerous cardiovascular problems in the process.

  1. Improve your eyesight

Eggs are ideal for our eyesight due to the high quantity of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin. Vitamin A is vital for our vision and for seeing in the dark as well. On the other hand, lutein and zeaxanthin are two potent antioxidants that can put a stop to free radical damage and boost your eyesight, while preventing many vision problems.

  1. Protect the brain

Eggs contain choline, a significant nutrient which is very important for our brain. Choline is a neurotransmitter that sends a stimulus to the brain and nervous system and shortage of it can have harmful effects on the memory and brain function generally.

  1. It benefits your hair, skin, and liver

The egg yolk has protein and sulfur which can refresh your dull and weak hair and recover the quality of your skin. They also enclose lecithin, a substance that helps the liver in the detoxification process and improves digestion.

  1. Reduce the risk of birth defects

Eggs have 0.7 mcg. of vitamin B9 (folic acid) which is suggested to pregnant women as it decreases the risk of birth defects and preventing damage to the embryo’s nervous system. Eggs are one of the wealthiest sources of vitamin B9 which is why you need to consume a couple of them every day.

  1. Slow down the aging process

According to a German study, consuming eggs frequently can stop the aging process and avoid skin cancer as well. Eggs contain organic pigments such as carotenoids which can slow down aging. Though, in order to completely benefit from them, you need to eat the eggs boiled because they contain more carotenoids this way due to the chemical changes generated when the eggs are cooked.


  1. Help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you have to stay away from foods with low glycemic index and eat more eggs. Eggs can please your cravings fast and help you eat less, resulting in more weight loss.

  1. It keeps your bones healthy and the calcium levels up

Eggs are rich in calcium and vitamin D, two significant nutrients for the bones and teeth. According to studies, calcium and protein work together to uphold the calcium levels and keep the metabolic processes in the bones steady. Eggs as well contain vitamin D, a significant vitamin we typically get through the sun and are vital for numerous processes in the body.

As you can see, eggs are unbelievable healthy and won’t damage your health like it was previously thought. They are rich in many essential nutrients which will normalize different body processes and recover your overall health as well. This is why experts advise eating 2-3 eggs a day, except in the cases of diabetes or heart problems, when you should eat only 3 eggs a week.

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Aging happens to all of us, but there is an opportunity of how to decrease your risk of death after the age of 60. The technique is easy and simple and takes only 15 minutes a day.

People aged 60 and older tend to stay away from exercise. They have rising pains and issues with their bodies. Medical conditions emerge or get worse with age, and all of this leads to a need to sit on the couch quite than go for a run.

Nevertheless, the addition of a 15-minute walk in your everyday routine can make a big difference to your health.



Adults are advice to have150 minutes of exercise every week. That can be a demanding level to accomplish for some. As mentioned above, pain enlarges, medical conditions get worse and a variety of other factors weigh in until the usual adult does not realize half of the suggested exercise time.

No matter what the reason for not fitting good exercises into their daily agenda, adults leave out exercise and pay no attention to the negative impact that it has on their life. The trick is to poise activities and fit exercise in where you can. Just a little exercise goes a long way.



People that are older than 60 have to get out and get some exercise. That is a well-known fact. Adults try to meet the 150-minute mark in order to stay healthy and help their body stay fit to evade wasting away.


Recent studies, nevertheless, say that an adult over 60 who does 75 minutes of work out every week will still see the benefits.

A 15-minute walk 5 days out of 7 will result in an extensive lifespan. The lower guidelines as well make the mark seem more rational, so it may turn out to be motivation for those who do not exercise to try to do so more frequently.



Any work out during adulthood has benefits. For that reason, making the aim more rational and it becoming an incentive to work out at all will be a great way to get more adults he moves.

It is significant to note that study contributor who accomplished more exercise than the goal had a higher probability of extended life. Nevertheless, anyone who does work out had a longer prospect of living than those who were just couch potatoes.

For those who are older and aren’t working out much, it is a good idea to start small. Maybe you could walk around your home a few times a day or do a short walk around the block for one week straight. Afterward, once you are managing those goals fine, you can increase on your exercise and see how it benefits your health in general.