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31 Healthiest Foods For Your Dog (And The 13 You Need To Avoid!)


If you are a pet lover and you have a dog at home, you know that these likable creatures just complete our life and bring joy and love in it.

For that reason, you, without a doubt, would like to be acquainted with the foods which you can give to your dog when you want to pamper it or reward.

Then again, you are also supposed to know the foods which you should avoid.

Well, we present you a guide which consists of the healthiest foods for your dog, and also the ones you should avoid.

These are the finest healthy treats for your pet:

1. Apple slices

2. Baby carrots

3. Broccoli

4. Carob (in small amounts)

5. Cheese & cottage cheese (provided your dog isn’t lactose intolerant)

6. Cinnamon (in moderation)

7. Coconut & coconut oil

8. Cranberries

9. Eggs

10. Flax seed (milled or oil)

11. Fruit salad

12. Greek Yogurt & kefir

13. Green beans

14. Lean meat

15. Liver (in moderation)

16. Mint

17. Oatmeal (cooked)

18. Parsley

19. High- quality peanut butter

20. Pears (minus seeds!)

21. Peas

22. Pineapple

23. Popcorn

24. Pumpkin, zucchini, squash

25. Rice

26. Salmon & tuna

27. Spirulina

28. Sweet potatoes

29. Seaweed nori

30. Turmeric

You are supposed to avoid foods which can be harmful to your dog, like macadamia nuts, raisins, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, onions, avocados, yeast dough, coffee, grapes.

This is the entire list:

1. Alcohol

2. Avocado

3. Caffeine

4. Candy

5. Chocolate

6. Coffee

7. Garlic

8. Gum

9. Grapes & raisins

10. Macadamia nuts

11. Onions

12. Salt

13. Tea

Remove These 6 Foods To Fight Inflammation!


Studies connect chronic inflammation to the deadliest diseases of the modern era, as well as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.

Yet, this is no revelation if you think about the inflammatory ingredients of the foods we are consuming every day.

Here is a list of the 6 most common inflammatory foods you have to avoid:

1. White Bread

White bread is loaded with refined carbohydrates, which are approximately immediately transformed into glucose in the body. This elevates the insulin levels and generates a perfect environment for inflammation.

Then again, the findings of a 2012 study available in the Journal of Nutrition point out that the consumption of whole grain bread considerably lowers the risk of inflammation.

2. Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is one of the main inflammatory foods, because of its lactose and proteins. Furthermore, skimming doesn’t help and it makes the milk even more inflammatory.

3. Fried Foods

High temperatures are the reason of the formation of advanced glycation end products, which are unknown to the body, and it treats them as inflammation. Actually, inflammation is the response of the body to a perceived infection.

4. Vegetable Oil

Diverse vegetable oils like soy, corn, and sunflower are tremendously high in inflammation-causing omega-6 fatty acids. Hence, use olive oil as an alternative, which is rich in useful omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Alcohol

The body works very hard to break down alcohol, and throughout this process, toxins are produced, which are harming the liver cells.

6. The Three ‘Ps’

The term was made-up by Michelle Schoffro, and it refers to all packaged, processed and prepared foods. These foods are extremely inflammatory, so, therefore, stay away from all foods prepared, and forget about candy, soda, cereals, and processed cheese.

If you begin making these changes into your diet, you will experience numerous health benefits, and you will considerably lower your risk of inflammation.

This following video from David will offer you more useful tips:

Powerful List Of Foods With Lot Of Nutrients And No Calories!


We are constantly advised to eat foods that are wealthy in nutrients, but the problem is that the majority of us don’t follow this significant advice.

We are supposed to learn which of the foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and we have to increase their daily use.

We should consume more foods that are rich in nutrients but at the same time low in calories.

Here are some of the best foods that you should eat that are rich in nutrients and have no calories:


Onions are commonly used in numerous recipes and have just 40kcal in 100gr. They are at the same time rich in flavonoids.


They are 90 % water and hydrate the body. Cucumbers have only 16calories in 100gr and they are used in a lot of different meals and salads.


Just like the cucumbers, celery contains only 16calories in 100gr and this puts it in the zero-calorie foods.

*Brussels sprouts*

This veggie like the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, is low in calories and has distinctive and specific flavor. It has 43 calories in 100gr.


Apples contain 52calories in 100gr and they are also rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so they’re very valuable.


They are wealthy in vitamin C and only 47calories in 100gr.


It supports the cardiovascular health and it, in addition, prevents cancer. It has only 25calories in 100gr and it helps in losing weight.

* Zucchini*

You should definitely add this incredible ingredient to the stir-fry or sauce for pasta and take its numerous nutrients for just 17calories in 100gr.


Cauliflower has anti-inflammatory properties and they put off cardiovascular issues and at the same time helps with the digestion. You can add it to the pizza and it has 25calories in 100gr.


It is wealthy in phytonutrients, fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and has just 49calories. You can add it to your salads or you can prepare kale chips.


They defend the eyesight, have influential anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a natural diuretic and adjust the blood sugar. They have only 41calories in 100gr.


It is rich in fiber, plant protein and at the same time helps digestion with only 34calories in 100gr.


Grilled asparagus is very delicious and it gives you a feeling of fullness. It has 20calories in 100gr.


It is juicy and sweet and has 30calories in 100gr. It is loaded with antioxidants, increases the metabolism and provides a lot of benefits.

You should also eat more grapefruits, tomatoes, beets, lemons and turnips as they are full of nutrients.

ALERT: Dog food is being recalled after possible contamination with euthanasia drug


ALERT: Dog food is being recollected after possible corruption with euthanasia drug

Alert! Two types of pet food by Party Animals are being recalled in Indiana because they may contain pentobarbital. According to the FDA, Pentobarbital is being used as a euthanasia drug for animals.,

What is Pentobarbital?


In small amounts, pentobarbital can be used to manage epilepsy in animals. Principally, Pentobarbital reduces and calms neuron activity, slowing down the central nervous system sinse it has sedative effects. Nevertheless, pentobarbital can cause redundant side effects that as listed below:

Pentobarbital Side Effects:

• Anxiety

• Sedation

• Increase in appetite

• Lethargy

• Weight gain

• Anemia

Pentobarbital Euthanasia: How it Works

In great doses, when this drug is infused into your pet, it rapidly makes them unconscious. The brain and heart brain functions begin to shut down, frequently within two minutes. The course can be hard to watch as they start to twitch before their final breath. That being said, the procedure itself isn’t painful for the animals.

The danger of contaminants in store bought dog food is more and more widespread. a lot of dog owners find it easier to create dog food at home so they are acquainted with precisely what their dog is consuming.

Do’s and Don’ts for Homemade Dog Food

If you are concerned about contaminations owing to store bought dog food, then why don’t you try making your own at home? Remember, your dog food must be a balanced meal. For more information on the do’s and don’ts of homemade dog food, watch the video below.

Make Homemade Dog Food

Cooking a well balanced dog meal doesn’t have to be difficult. You can locate all the necessary ingredients at your food store. For a fast, well balanced dog meal recipe, check out the video below.


• 500g ground beef

• 3 tablespoons hemp seeds or 2 teaspoons hemp seed oil

• 1/2 can sardines or 1/2 teaspoon of cod seed oil

• 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger,

• 1/2 teaspoon powdered kelp,

• 1 egg (keep shell)

• 50g liver

• 50g broccoli

• 50g bell peppers

• 50g spinach


1. Mix together cod seed oil, ground beef, ginger, kelp, egg in a bowl

2. Combine liver, egg shell, peppers, broccoli, spinach in a blender, then add to other mixture.

3. You can cook in a frying pan, serve raw or warmed up.

You can find a lot of different recipes online for homemade dog food. You just have to make sure that the recipes consist of ingredients for a well balanced meal so your dog is getting all the necessary nutrients.


Were you aware that the nutritional possessions of bananas could change as they ripen? Have you detected that their taste changes as they ripen they get sweeter?

This is happening because of the enzymes that are contained in the bananas are increasingly breaking down the starch (starch is a long polymeric form of sugar that doesn’t taste sweet) turn it into simple sugars (disaccharides or monosaccharides which have a sweet taste). When the banana is ripe that means that the starch was already turned into simple sugar and it is easier for digesting. Even though according to studies, the amounts of minerals and vitamins decreases as the banana ripens. Because of that it should be stored in a fridge.


Japanese scientists revealed a fascinating fact about bananas. Rendering to them as the banana ripens it creates more anticancer properties and more antioxidants.

When the banana is completely ripped with many dark spots on the yellow skin it creates an ingredient called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), an ingredient that can fight against abnormal cells. The scientists as well showed that the darker the spots better the anti-cancer properties are. Furthermore, a banana dark spots and yellow skin is 8 times more effective in increasing body’s immune system than bananas with green skin.

And so, the best time to consume the banana is when it completely ripens. But if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes or you wish to dodge a fast increase blood sugar levels, you may want to consider consuming a ripe banana with nut butter – since the fat slows down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream. Or you can eat the banana while it is still green (level 3 or 4 in the pic)



Tilapia is one of the most purchased fish in America nowadays. It’s inexpensive, not “shady” specimen, skinless and also boneless, and it is hard to mess up by overdoing it, which is a big problem with some other fish selections.

Nevertheless, the tilapia we are consuming is completely a farmed fish, meaning that you couldn’t find wild tilapia in any restaurant or even supermarket. And the farming is regularly done on an industrial scale, with numerous fish being collected every day. Their food isn’t natural – in the wild, tilapia would surely consume lake plants and algae through the farms feed up the fish with GMO corn and also as soy pellets. A number of healthy fish oils in them is nearly zero – existent, contradicting the main reason why fish is so helpful for us.


Why Farm – Raised Tilapia Is So Bad For You

1. Current Studies have discovered that farm – raised tilapia may be the cause for inflammation. Farm – raised tilapia has continuously been a widespread source for fish, not only considering that it is usually available in the USA though it is furthermore quite cost – effective. Nonetheless, previous to you supply on Tilapia, you may like to know concerning its relation to inflammation.

Present researchers have in fact stated that consuming Tilapia may deteriorate the inflammation that can even cause arthritis, heart disease, bronchial asthma and a bunch of various other serious diseases. People who chose to consume more fish as a way to get their daily dose of omega – 3 – fatty – acids and as well reduce their risk of cardiac disease might have to hold back on the tilapia. Actually, researchers have in fact exposed that the inflamed possibility of tilapia is far higher than that of pork bacon or burger!

2. Farmed fish may have 10 times the quantity of cancer-causing organic pollutants matched with the wild ones – This could perhaps be accredited to the foods that are used on the farm raised fish. If you are acquainted with the food of the farm raised tilapia you would be worried. Obviously, poultry feces is one of the key ingredients that farm – raised fish are fed with.

3. Farm – produced fish have been exposed to have a high amount of chemicals and antibiotics. So where do the farm – raised fish obtain their anti – biotics? The numerous disorders of fish farms bring the fish to be more at risk to sickness. So to be able to keep those alive, farm vendors give antibiotics to the fish to avoid disease. Farm – bred fish are similarly treated with chemicals to struggle with sea lice. The pesticides that are used to treat these fish are so deadly that they have been the reason an untamed salmon to die when unintentionally exposed to them. These pesticides are furthermore released in the sea where they can get in their bodies.

4. Farm – bred fish as well have inferior levels of healthy nutrients – A lot of us eat fish, wishing to increase the omega – 3 fatty acid benefits that feature it. Nevertheless, were you aware that the omega – 3 – acids that are exposed in the farm – raised fish are less beneficial to our bodies in comparison to the untamed bred fish? Farm – raised fish as well have a lower healthy protein content. And not only that, as farm – raised fish are being kept in cages, they have the affinity to be full of fat, and might have a greater concentration of omega – 6 acids. The worry with gaining excessive omega – 6 acids is that they may be the reason for irritation to our body as a result of the discrepancy.

5. The levels of Dioxin are 11 times higher in the farm – bred fish in comparison to wild fish. Dioxin is, in fact, a pretty dangerous chemical that can add to cancer cells and also numerous other complications. The problem with dioxin is that once it enters our system, it will take a long time till it is discharged. The half-life of dioxin is approximately 7 to 11 years.


Are you searching for a recipe to prepare tasty dessert that isn’t too rich or heavy? A recipe that can be ready very fast and tastes amazing! Then Japanese soufflé cheesecake is just the right recipe for you. You will just need 3 ingredients and it is actually very easy to prepare. Approximately you will need one hour to cook this mouthwatering dessert.



– 120g of cream cheese (unsalted and at room temperature)
– 120g of white or black chocolate (which one you prefer)
– 3 eggs


Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Put the egg whites in the refrigerator and preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Melt the chocolate on steam, and after its cool add the unsalted cream cheese. Then add the yolks and mix with a spatula. Take the egg whites from the fridge and whisk them until you see a white foamy surface. After that add the rest of the ingredients in the egg whites and whisk again.

Take a 15cm-diamter baking pan and grease it with butter. Put your mix into it.
Then bake the cake at 170 degrees for 15 min. and then again bake it for 15 min. at 160 degrees. After that turn off the oven and let the cake in there for another 15 minutes. Now, take your delightful cake out of the oven and let it cool. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar on the top for a proficient effect.