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5 Remedies To Treat Ingrown Toenails At Home

5 Remedies To Treat Ingrown Toenails At Home

Ingrown nail is one of the most painful things that can happen to you. It’s a condition where the nail curves, and grows into the skin, thus causing pain, swelling, discomfort, tenderness, irritation redness, and even infection.

You can have an ingrown nail due to genetics, improper footwear, and injuries. However, you can use several natural remedies to recover your condition. You should consult with your doctor, and find what works best for you.

Here are some nice suggestions

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a remarkable disinfectant. You should just add few drops of the oil on the affected nail.

Apple cider vinegar feet soak

Add a ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar to some lukewarm water, and soak your feet in the mixture. Apple cider vinegar stops infections when applied directly on the affected area. Use its antibacterial abilities to disinfect the area, but bear in mind that it cannot heal an already existing infection.

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt baths alleviate irritation, disinfect skin, and soften your nails. Soak your feet in your usual Epsom salt bath for approximately 20 minutes.

Antibiotic ointments

Clean your feet to avoid germs, and apply antibiotic ointment few times a day. Cover it with gauze to keep it safe from infections and germs.

Floss and cotton ball

Use your tweezers or floss to lift up the nail a bit. Put a sterile cotton ball in the empty area, and be certain it does not cause any pain or discomfort.

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8 Common Health Problems That Can Be Treated With 2 Tbsp of Epsom Salt

8 Common Health Problems That Can Be Treated With 2 Tbsp of Epsom Salt

We suppose that you have by now heard about the capability of Epsom salt to ease joint pain. However, you are probably still ignorant of its many other uses.

This salt has been discovered in 1680, near Epsom in England, and has been frequently used since then.

Epsom salt is a natural mineral whose main ingredients contain sulfates and magnesium. These are with no trouble absorbed through the skin and maintain numerous vital functions.

This salt is most frequently used to ease joint pain due to arthritis, but it can alleviate your life in numerous other ways as well.

Here are 8 surprising uses of Epsom salt:

  1. Relieves Joint Pain

As we mentioned above, this is the most frequent use of Epsom salt. To ease the pain, you must prepare an Epsom salt bath, and your body will rapidly absorb the magnesium and sulfates.

  1. Treats Headaches

The major ingredients of this salt, in addition, treat headaches and relax the body.

  1. Soothes Muscle Pains

Owing to its beneficial properties, Epsom salt baths, in addition, treat muscle pain and spasms.

  1. Face Scrub

You must add a bit of the salt to your face cream, and use the mix to massage the face in circular motions. Wash the face after that. The skin will be soft, clean, and glowing.

  1. Treats Greasy Hair

Add just a bit of Epsom salt to your shampoo and wash your hair to get rid of the grease and build up dirt.

  1. Foot Scrub

Mix some Epsom salt, olive oil, and Castile soap, and use the foot scrub for at least two times a week to make your feet smooth and soft.

  1. Fertilize Your Fruits

To increase the growth of your fruits and assist them to grow higher and brighter, add a teaspoon of Epsom salt in the soil.

  1. Clean the Bathroom

Clean your bathroom walls, sink, floors, and bath, with a mixture of Epsom salt and liquid soap, in equal amounts.

Consequently, Epsom salt can replace the expensive commercial face and body scrubs, shampoos, bathroom cleaners, pain relieving creams, and much more!

Make sure you always have it at home and reap its benefits!


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