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Why Ketogenic Diet is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism

Why Ketogenic Diet is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism


Ketosis is helpful with numerous health problems, but the most significant one is obesity. This diet forces your body to burn the fat and not to burn the calories.  And in turn, to realize this, you must consume over 60-70 % of healthy fats in your diet, like avocado, raw nuts — pecans and macadamia nuts, coconut oil, organic pastured eggs, grass pastured butter.

The procedure of burning the fat is owing to the decreased consummation of carbohydrates. And with the low sugar intake, your body has nothing else left to burn but the fat.

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood. In contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides most of the energy.

The main purpose in a proper ketogenic diet is to force your body into a metabolic state. This is able with the lack of sugar, and not lack of calories. The body will get used to this diet, so when you decrease the intake in carbs and increase the fat intake, your body will turn toward the ketones and they will turn into its energy source.

Here are the advantages of a ketogenic diet:

  1. Promote weight loss

Decreased intake of carbs is the most excellent way to attain the process of weight loss. The ketogenic diet encourages higher fats consuming, medium intake of protein and decreased intake in carbohydrates, and leaving the body with no choice, but to begin producing ketones using the fat and making it the major source of energy.

  1. Fights Cancer

Cancer cells feed on sugar. It is as well the food of tumors and it encourages faster growth of cancer. The ketogenic diet doesn’t contain sugar and it is useful in the treatment and the avoidance of cancer. The normal cells feed with the fat as their source of energy source, but the cancer cells aren’t capable of doing this.

A study published in Redox Biology showed that the ketogenic diet is extremely efficient in the treatment of colon, gastric, and prostate cancer. Dr. Eugene Fine from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine declares that the ketone bodies can destroy cancer due to their ability to bring to an end the energy production in the cancer cells. Dr. Fine has in addition written a paper where he elucidates that it is 100 % natural and achievable to put the cancer patient on an insulin free diet. The amount of ketosis depends on the partial remission and a stable disease, but there is no shortage in calories and no weight loss.

  1. Protects the brain

A diet plentiful in fat and low in carbs is very competent in the treatment of different neurological disorders. This diet is as well efficient in treating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. A study estimates the influence of the ketogenic diet on Parkinson’s disease and the participants were put on a 4 to 1 ketogenic diet. Their symptoms were improved by 43% in just one month.

The ketogenic diet is in addition very helpful in other conditions like autism. Autism is almost the same as epilepsy since autism patients as well experience seizures as a result of over thrill of the brain cells. And the ketogenic diet enhanced the condition of many autistic children in the period of 6 months.

Source: www.livingtraditionally.com

Lemonade Diet – Lose 19 pounds in 14 days!

Lemonade Diet – Lose 19 pounds in 14 days!
The Lemonade Diet lasts for 2 weeks and you can lose up to 19 pounds of surplus weight. The basic standard of lemonade diet is a purification of toxins caused by unhealthy lifestyle and fast weight loss.

The lemonade should be prepared in the following way.  In 2L of boiling water, squeeze the juice of 3 organic lemons and then add 14 tablespoons of maple syrup and ½ teaspoon of  Cayenne Pepper and stir.

Consume this magical lemonade all through the day in tiny sips every time you start feeling hungry.

Lemon juice as a fraction of the lemonade will help your body to eliminate toxins and fat. Maple syrup will supply the necessary calories and vitamins. Cayenne Pepper will encourage the metabolism.

In order to give your body energy, you need to drink 8-12 glasses of lemonade on a daily basis, which is about 800-1200 calories.

A steady entry is necessary for the lemonade diet. Three days before starting the diet, substitute all semi – finished products and meat with fresh vegetables and fruits. It is essential two days before the diet to consume only liquid food, one day before the diet – drink all day only fresh orange juice (at least 2 liters a day).

Benefits: You will clean your body of all toxins, fast weight loss, your skin will get a special glow. After finishing the lemonade diet, you will feel more energized and vitalized.

CAUTION: Lemonade diet is prohibited to people who feel painful heartburn and suffering from peptic ulcer.


Cucumber Diet – Lose 7 Kilograms In Just One Week

Cucumber Diet – Lose 7 Kilograms In Just One Week

The cucumber is a vegetable that is loaded with essential nutrients and water, and because of that, it has great detoxifying properties. It is loaded with Vitamin B, C and E, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and fiber. Regular consumption of cucumbers can cleanse your body of toxins, cleanse the intestinal and digestive tract and speed up the metabolism. It is a very powerful diuretic as it decreases the excess water from your body. It is frequently a part of the detox methods and it is perfect if someone whose diet is based on salt and canned food.

People use cucumber to treat skin troubles like acne and detox the skin. It can assist in losing weight in short time and because of that, this veggie is frequently a part of many diets. If you want to lose few extra pounds quickly and effectively, you ought to try the following diet that can help you lose up to seven kilos in just one week.

There are just a few ingredients that are incorporated and the diet can last from 7-10 days. Like we already mentioned, diet is based on cucumber salad which you can eat as much as you want.

It is highly useful and you don’t have to worry that your body will lack something during this period.

Other ingredients you can consume during the day are:

– 150g of tuna without oil or 2 boiled eggs or 150g of chicken breast
– 2 big boiled potatoes or 3 slices of whole grain bread
– 500g of organic fruits.

When it comes to liquids, you can drink plain water, tea and even coffee of course without sugar. Soft drinks, alcohol, and candies are strictly prohibited.

As a meal or as a brunch, you can eat unlimited amounts of cucumber salad, or you can drink cucumber shake. So, whenever you feel hungry reach for one of these two things.


An example of the menu:

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and bowl of cucumber salad;

Snack: One apple or pear and 5 plums;

Lunch: One piece of toast with bowl of cucumber salad

Snack: Cucumber shake;

Dinner: 300 gr. of any kind of fruit you like;

The recipe for cucumber salad:

-400 gr. of cucumbers;
-200 ml. of yogurt or sour milk;
– half onion;
-pinch of salt

Peel the cucumber and cut it into small slices. Add all the other ingredients and then mix them. Enjoy!

The recipe for cucumber shakes:

-One cucumber;
-One apple;
-a handful of spinach;

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix. Drink this shake fresh before it loses its healthy properties.
If you follow this diet exactingly, you will lose up to seven kg in just one week.

Source > healthylifevision.com

How Many Steps a Day Can Help You Lose Weight


Many people suffer from problems connected to their appearance and body weight. There are as well numerous easy and fast diets, but not all are efficient, and approximately none offers long-lasting results.

It would absolutely be the best to lose weight without being conscious of it!

Well, this is achievable, and all you have to do is to walk more. And here is how much you require walking in order to lose weight!

A number of calories burnt depend on two aspects, the walking area, and the body weight.

In fact, we burn 400 calories per hour while walking with a speed of 4 miles per hour. Consequently, if you want to burn 100 calories, you have to make 2,000 steps or 1 mile of walking. That is, you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound.

The healthiest weight loss is to lose one pound a week. To do this you should burn 500 calories every day, or walk 5 miles.

This looks simple, doesn’t it? And bellow we have more than a few extra tips:

– You can try walking to your workplace and home

– Walk your children every day to school

– Use the stairs every time instead of the elevator

– Do not use bus or taxi, just walk to the station

– Every time park your car a bit further than your destination

– throughout the first week, walk 15-20 minutes to regulate to your new routine, and then steadily increase the time to an hour a day

Therefore, make the required steps, and you will adore your new body!

Drink One Glass Daily – You Belly Fat Will Disappear In 10 Days!


The remedy we’ve got for you these days is good if you would like to lose lots of weight while not fasting or exercise.

The remedy is truly a liquid manufactured from cinnamon and honey, that provides varied different health edges besides serving to you lose fat.

The mixture can improve your digestion, detoxify your body and accelerate your metabolism moreover. it’ll conjointly alkalify your body and assist with the breakdown of fat.

Cinnamon may be a sweet spice that gives varied health edges – it improves the absorption of nutrients within the body and regulates the endocrine production, effectively preventing polygenic disease.

On the opposite hand, honey may be a nectar that may boost your digestion and metabolism and assist within the fat burning method.

Here’s how to prepare the remedy:


– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

– 2 teaspoons of organic honey

– A cup of water

Preparation and use

Pour the water in a very pot and produce it to a boil, then add the cinnamon and simmer for some minutes.

Next, leave the remedy to cool down before adding the honey and compounding well.

Drink a glass of it on a daily basis on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen within the morning, and also the results are going to be noticeable soon!

Continue with the treatment till you get the figure you’ve continuously wished.

Once you realize these 3 weight loss beliefs are false, you’ll start losing fat effortlessly


One of the main problems for the typical fitness enthusiast that wants to get back in shape is they don’t know what is the correct answer when it comes to some of the essential frequent exercise fundamentals. The reason is because there is so much propaganda on the internet by numerous self-proclaimed fitness experts and even doctor’s. Some of them may seem the part physically but may not have science muster to back their claims.


So if you are trying to get in better shape how do you filter through what are correct vs incorrect? There are a lot of myths in the fitness industry that people will swear up and down is 100% accurate. And honestly, it’s not their mistake because when you are reading something from an expert that has some learning credentials and is saying something that sounds true then why would you question that.

Anyone that wants to get in great shape just wants to be familiar with what they can and can’t do so they can realize their fitness goals in a healthy way. So let’s divide and talk about some of the main exercise and fitness myths and expose them. The point of this is to adjust any old thinking you may have about everything fitness and exercise connected and insert the right information into your head like a huge light bulb to help change aged mythical thoughts.

Stop Believing These 3 Fitness Myths!

Do you need to exercise 7 days a week to get in the best shape of your life?

False! Your body will build lean muscle when it’s inactive and rest not when you are training. Your muscles need time to recover and repair. And the only way it can do that is when you are resting. Your body needs to rest
after exercising 3 to 5 days a week from a rest and recovery point of view. Training every day is a recipe for disaster when it comes to trying to accomplish your fitness goals.

Can you get great abs with daily abs exercises and nothing else?

False! There isn’t an abs exercise or an abs machine that will help you get washboard abs by itself. There is proverb that abs is made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Washboard abs are pinpointing of one thing – low bodyfat. If you have high body fat you won’t see your abs, and if you’re body-fat low then you will see your abs. On a standard for a male to have washboard abs his body-fat should be at least 12% or lower and for a woman to at least 14% and lower. Eating a healthy clean balanced diet is one of the main components in helping you decrease body-fat to help that abs to come out of the hibernation fat.

One more thing that helps with creating washboard abs is integrating a total body conditioning program that engages a cardio/strength training program that will let you burn calories every day which would as well speed up your metabolism.

Will lifting weights make women look massive and for that women shouldn’t lift weights?


False! Even in 2016 regrettably, there are still women for some bizarre reason that think if they train with weights they will look like the incredible hulk. Women don’t generate enough testosterone to look bulky during weight-training. For a woman to look bulky if her training with weights she would have to take PED’s or steroids and also have to eat an enormous of calories to achieve that look.

Weights lifting for women are one of the best ways to tone and shape the overall body on top of speed up the metabolism. All the reimbursement from weight-training are all positive and there is not one harmful thing that any expert can state that will hurt any female when trying to get in best shape.

Lose 20 Pounds In 1 Month – All You Need Is This Miracle, Fat-Burning Drink


People have always used nature as the major source for treating and curing a lot of diseases. The difference between natural medicine and conventional medicine is that nature is cheap and does not cause damage. There is one powerful natural drink that can treat a lot of health conditions.

For this miraculous drink, you only need organic lemon and chia seeds and it will help you prevent common colds and flu, fat buildup and at the same time, it will cleanse your body. That is the most important reason why a lot of people start to drink it on a daily basis.


We recommend it because it is easy to prepare, very useful, healthy and at the same time cheap.

Lemon and Chia Miracle Drink

When consumed combined, these ingredients will offer a surprising result due to their powerful natural properties.


• 1 tablespoon chia seeds
• The juice from one organic lemon
• 300ml water
• 1 tbsp of raw organic honey


First, soak the chia seeds, for about an hour. After that, they will start looking like gel pellets due to their fiber content. Strain the seeds and add them in the lemon juice and water.

Put the mixture in a blender and mix it until you get a homogeneous mixture. Drink it every morning. You are wondering how does it work. Well, this phenomenon drink speeds up your metabolism, and that is how you will start losing weight effectively and easily.

How Does the Lemon Help for Weight Loss

• Fights bloating
• Eliminates toxins from your body due to the natural cleansing abilities
• Flavonoids, potent metabolites get rid of fat from your blood
• It has just a few calories
• You will start digesting the food you eat faster due to its alkaline content. The alkaline content, in fact, increases the production of gastric juices.

How Does the Chia Help for Weight Loss

• Regulates the bowel function and eliminate toxins and due to its high in fiber content
• Reduces and fights bloating
• Promotes better digestion due to calcium contained in the seeds
• It encourage satiety, decreases anxiety, and avoids bingeing
• Speeds up your metabolism which leads to burning fat in the abdomen areas