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The FDA has provided its latest report mentioning what all of us recognized for so long as well as finally admitting that the chicken meat sold on the market is filled with arsenic. Arsenic is just one of the most hazardous chemicals and also it has been associated with numerous serious diseases like cancer.

It’s been a very long time that people speculate about this, now it’s official.

To earn the issue also worse, the brand-new record, issued by the IATP, claims that this toxic substance is actually intentionally infused in the meat. According to this record 70% of the hens in America have high quantities of arsenic. Arsenic is infused in the poultries to make them larger.

Inning accordance with the FDA, half of the examined hens were discovered positive on arsenic and the toxic substance was located mostly in the liver. The type of arsenic made use of for the chickens is called Roxarsone. This drug is produced by the firm Pfizer and also the FDA asked the company to stop the production of this medication.

The FDA, even after this shocking exploration, proceeds claiming that the amount of arsenic injected in the meat is not harmful and within the limits that are allowed and that the hen meat is safe for intake. On the other hand, a lot of research studies show that arsenic is really dangerous neurotoxin and health hazard chemical.

A research also reveals that arsenic is as harmful as lead and also mercury and also it can impair the normal growth of the fetus in pregnant women. The study also reveals that arsenic is also 4 times much more damaging and also toxic than mercury and also much more hazardous than other heavy metal.


Inning accordance with another research arsenic is associated with respiratory system troubles, bladder and liver damages, basic cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. Despite the fact that the FDA asserts that small amount of this toxin in the meat is nothing to stress over considering that is not hazardous, it’s always far better to consume natural meat. By doing this you will certainly make certain that the meat you eat is safe and you will shield the health.



This is stunning story from the real life and all girls need to read this review. This tale should be suggesting for every one of you:

“A friend of mine lately had an advancement in her womb and underwent procedure for a cyst gotten rid of.

The cyst eliminated contained a dark colored blood.

She thought she would certainly recover after the surgical procedure, but she was really bad form.

He used a relapse a couple of months after operation.

She went to her gynecologist for an evaluation.

During your evaluation, the doctor asked a concern that puzzled her.
He asked if absorbed frequently chicken wings and also she responded yes, questioning just exactly how he knew of their consuming actions”.


Scientists from various countries around the world case that fowls are infused with steroids in order to accelerate their development and also hence obtain much more meat and also profits, absolutely.

It is reality that planet is facing with problems with overpopulation which indicates enhanced requirement for food.

Vendors inject steroids in the hen neck or wings and also in these parts of the chicken there is best focus of steroids. Possibly each of you are familiar with that these steroids have devastating outcomes on body.
Steroids are natural substances that have certain molecular structure and also contain several hormone representatives, alkaloids and also vitamins.

Steroids are a great deal a lot more harmful for ladies of every ages as they trigger hormonal agent adjustments and make girls more prone to cyst growth in the womb as well as breasts.

BE ALERT: Know the sign of raw chicken with bird flu! And don’t buy it at any cost!

BE ALERT: Know the sign of raw chicken with bird flu! And don’t buy it at any cost!


According to Malacanang, the avian flu strain that has lately hit poultry in the Pampanga province isn’t harmful to humans.

Ernesto Abella, the presidential speaker, said that it was up to Emmanuel Piñol, the Agriculture Secretary to make a decision on the request of Pampanga Gov. Lilia Pineda, to raise the quarantine in the town where the virus occurred.

In a press conference, Abella said that their first worry was always the security of their citizens and customers.

He also confirmed that the government agencies are looking at the businesses that might have the benefit of this situation. They are continuously supervising the price of processed and raw chicken meat in the markets.

The government is as well assuring the public that there will be no rise in price in chicken meat since there is only one area that was struck by the avian flu. And they are in addition making efforts to guarantee that just the uncontaminated meat is being sold on the market.

How to spot bird flu?

Just an easy check of the raw chicken’s skin can assist you to establish if the bird was infected with avian flu or not.

If the chicken is healthy, its skin will be white, while an infected chicken would have dark marks. Bounty Agro Ventures is a dealer of fresh chicken to supermarkets and they guarantee the safety of their products.

The president of this company established what we said above, saying that if the chicken is healthy, it will have in fact white skin and infected poultry will have black spots as if it were beaten up. He as well added that they are always testing the meat for all the diseases possible, and none of their meat has turned out to be positive.

In order to see how you can spot bird flu in raw chicken, watch the video below:

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Many people all around the world can’t tell which the healthiest kind of egg is. Diverse chickens lay different kinds of eggs. They vary in size, color and if the egg is home grown, the yolk will have a darker color. The color of the yolk can be predisposed by the food the chicken is eating.


The difference is very noticeable. The yolks of homegrown eggs have dark orange color and they are fuller and thicker. Their eggshells are thicker and, therefore, it is harder to crash them. But why is it so significant to notice the yolk’s color? Orange yolks are an indication that the egg we are about to consume is healthy and contains nutrients.