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U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells

U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells
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It appears that the fact that cannabis effectively destroys cancer cells is no longer a conspiracy theory in the U.S.

As a result, can we regard it as a preventive herb against cancer, or can anyone refuse the idea of using medicinal marijuana?

According to the official cancer advice website and Amy Willis, the US government has added an extra page on the use of cannabis and cannabinoids.

She recommends, “The National Cancer Institute, part of the US Department of Health, now recommends that ‘cannabinoids may be helpful in treating the side effects of cancer treatment’ by smoking it, eating it in baked products, drinking cannabis teas or even spraying it under the tongue.”

The site gives numerous medicinal uses of cannabis, for example, pain relief, stress relief, anti-inflammatory and antiviral action, anti-anxiety, and anti-tumor abilities decreasing of muscle spasms owing to multiple sclerosis, and so much more.

It, in addition, gives details how lab experiments have exposed that cannabis kills cancer cells.

In addition, she says: “More than a few scientific studies have recommended this in the past, and in April this year the US government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse adjusted their publications to recommend cannabis could reduce in size brain tumors by killing off cancer cells.”

For that reason, if this is a signal that the government of the United States would like to acknowledge the anti-cancer properties of cannabis, would the other western nations share their approach?

Cannabis is an extremely beneficial herb that can cause no side-effects and can effectively treat various severe health conditions and illnesses, counting cancer.

As a result, it is our responsibility to support this struggle and effort to help the numerous people who can benefit to a great extent from such treatments.

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How One Woman’s Hairdresser Spotted Melanoma and Saved Her Life

How One Woman’s Hairdresser Spotted Melanoma and Saved Her Life
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Nobody ever thinks that they are going to get cancer. However, when someone does, It can appear in the most unusual places. This is the case for former reporter Eileen Korey. In June she visited her usual hairdresser for some coloring. It was a routine she did every three weeks. But when her hairdresser noticed a new mark on the back of her head that wasn’t there during her last visit, she was concerned that something was wrong. First, she asked her if she hit her head, and when the answer was no she told Eileen that she is seeing something that she doesn’t like what I see.

melanoma skin cancer

“The hairdresser described it that it was less than the size of a dime, with diverse in color and it had mixed edges. It looked like some kind of a bruise and was flat, not raised.”

Luckily, Eileen’s sister is a dermatology nurse. This has permitted her to pick up some knowledge about odd spots to look out for. It’s helpful particularly since the average person rarely, if ever, inspects the back of their head. Actually, “they have no clue,” says Phillips. “I am always looking.

A lot of hairstylists aren’t conscious of the extremely powerful position they’re in. Not only do they assist in growing their clients’ confidence, but they can also help their client with health issues like skin cancer.

With the assistance of her hairstylist, Korey right away visited a dermatologist for a biopsy. Even though “the wait for the pathology was excruciating, she received a stage zero, in situ melanoma diagnosis. This was a huge relief for the reason that it meant cancer hadn’t grown beyond the top layer of the skin.

“If you have to have melanoma this is the best type to have,” stated Korey. “We are underneath the feeling that our hair protects us. We never think about it.] Since she got her diagnosis, she started wearing hats to protect her scalp.

eileen korey melanoma

Symptoms of Melanoma

In August, she scheduled to remove the surface-level spot from her scalp, a method which ought to leave her cancer-free.

But melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, isn’t always dodged with any trouble. According to Dr. Adam Friedman, her instant decision to visit her doctor was the best thing she could have done since “early identification raises the probability of better outcomes.

So, if you notice any of these skin cancer symptoms, be sure to visit your doctor right away:

  • An irregular mole
  • A spot in the back of your eye, blurred vision
  • A vertical or dark streak on your nails
  • Changes in your skin or scar after removing a mole
  • A pimple(s) that won’t go away
  • A black spot inside your cheek
  • A mole on the sole of your foot

melanoma sun protection

Another easy to remember a way to identify melanoma is the ABCDE method.

Asymmetry: If the mole has an irregular shape
: If the edges are faded, undefined, or messy
: If it has multiple colors, there’s redness, or has bleeding or discharge
: the mole is bigger than the diameter of an AAA battery
: it changes in size, color, or shape


If you can spot it, you can stop it.


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Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Helps in Cancer Treatment!

Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Helps in Cancer Treatment!
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World scientists have by now in numerous studies confirmed about the great powers of vitamin B17. The easiest way to find this vitamin is in apricot kernels.

We all know that the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, and Food and Drug Administration’s attempted to silence scientists and prevent them from writing books or holding public meetings connected with the anticancer effect of vitamin B17.

The same applies to all the doctors who were put on trial after trying to save people’s lives with vitamin B17.

However, the world was astonished by the story of a woman who was determined to save herself, and vitamin B17 was the only thing she used. Vitamin B17 brought her cancer to a state of remission. Can you guess what happened next? Her cancer came back right after she stopped taking her therapy – B17.

She rejected chemo and was determined to use vitamin B17 again. Her cancer was gone just after 10 weeks, and doctors had no explanation of that. She was using 500mg of vitamin B17 two times a day. Her tumors were gone, and she was cancer-free.

Watch the video underneath for more information on her story.


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More Than 200 Children’s Cosmetics Products May Contain a Hidden, Cancer-Linked Carcinoge

More Than 200 Childrens’ Cosmetics Products May Contain a Hidden, Cancer-Linked Carcinogen
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Recently, the EWG released an article demonstrating the presence of 1,4-dioxine, a possible carcinogen, in 200 children’s personal care products inside their Skin Deep® cosmetic database. Dioxane is an industrial synthetic chemical that is totally miscible in water and can be discovered in paint strippers, grease, varnishes dyes, and as later reported, children’s personal care products.

Image result for More Than 200 Childrens’ Cosmetics Products May Contain a Hidden, Cancer-Linked Carcinogen

The Skin Deep database has information on more than 69, 577 products from a diversity of popular companies, details the product’s list of cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity, and use restriction. The database, in addition, gives a list of potentially hurtful ingredients and their individual concerns.

What is 1,4-dioxane is and why is it dangerous? 

1,4-dioxane is a liquid without color that is a byproduct of the ethoxylation process that is native to the manufacture of cosmetic products. The Environmental Protection Agency, has listed 1,4-dioxane as a possible human carcinogen and has in addition been listed in California’s registry of chemicals known to cause cancer.

Dioxane can pollute cosmetics and personal care products like lotions, shampoos, and toothpaste, counting those that are meant for children. While the FDA does suggest companies to eliminate this contaminant, it is not obligatory by law. This means that the companies aren’t obligated to reveal whether their products have dioxane or not, they don’t have to remove the chemical, should their products have traces of it. This raises serious issues about the safety of these products, above all when children are exposed to them.

How 1,4-dioxane is reported in the ingredients list

There are numerous ways that 1,4-dioxane is reported in the ingredients list of products. These include


Since dioxane is a byproduct of the manufacturing process of some cosmetic ingredients, you should be conscious of the other ingredients that can react to generate dioxane as well. These comprise certain detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, and solvents particular by the prefix, word, or syllables “PEG,” “Polyethylene,” “Polyethylene glycol,” “Polyoxyethylene,” “-eth-,” or “-oxynol-.” Seeing some of these ingredients in your child’s personal care product might potentially mean that 1,4-dioxane is as well present.

Popular products that have dioxane include Sesame Street Bubble Bath, Johnson &Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Grins & Giggles Milk & Honey Baby Wash and Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Baby Wash. More than a few tests show that American Girl shower products have the highest levels of 1,4-dioxane.

How to replace products containing 1,4-dioxane with safer options

Until the day that cosmetic policy is transformed to protect people, above all babies and children, from needless toxic chemical exposure, it is significant to be aware of the products that have 1,4-dioxane and how we can substitute them with safer options.

The Organic Consumers Association has exposed that 1,4-dioxane is nonexistent in products specialized under the USDA National Organic Product. or the reason that of the lack of laws, the safest way is to buy products that have been certified under this program and to stay away from products that contain any dioxane or dioxane-associated chemical in their ingredients list.

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The Truth About Flaxseed that Every Cancer Patient Must Know

The Truth About Flaxseed that Every Cancer Patient Must Know
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We have posted before about the benefits of flaxseeds. But still, there are a lot of people who have no idea just how remarkable they are. And if you are a cancer patient? You cannot afford to miss this!


Flaxseeds are a remarkably jam-packed super food, filled with nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. 

Studies confirm that it can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.


But it may be most remarkable when it comes to cancer – and it comes down to something called lignans.  They are present in flax seeds at rates as much as 75 times higher than in any other plant food.


And lignans are particular cancer-fighters. Not only can they help to avoid cancer, because of their antioxidant properties, but they can, in addition, get in the way of the growth and spread of tumor cells.


A recent meta-analysis (Flax and Breast Cancer – A Systematic Review), which studied more than 1,800 studies involving breast cancer and flax,

 “Current evidence advocates that flax may be connected with decreased risk of breast cancer. Flax demonstrates antiproliferative effects in breast tissue of women at risk of breast cancer and may defend against primary breast cancer. Mortality risk will possibly be reduced among those living with breast cancer.”


Kelley C. Fitzpatrick, director of health and nutrition with the Flax Council of Canada says, recent studies have recommended that flaxseed may defend against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.


And a 2010 study available in the journal Gynecological Oncology concluded

“These findings may present the basis for a clinical trial that evaluates the efficacy of flaxseed as a chemo-suppressant of ovarian cancer in women”.


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Study- Vitamin D Can Prevent 90% Of Breast Cancer

Study- Vitamin D Can Prevent 90% Of Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that may grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. The disease occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get it, too. Numerous factors contribute to causing breast malignancy, although genetics is a major one. It is the second most widespread cancer among women in the United States. About 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their life span. For women in the United States, breast cancer death rates are amongst the highest cancer death rates, second only to lung cancer.

Vitamin D for Breast Cancer Prevention

Numerous studies have exposed that there is a connection between vitamin D and breast cancer. Women who have breast cancer are inclined to have low levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D may play a vital role in controlling normal breast cell growth and may be capable of stopping breast cancer cells from increasing.

The body’s major source of the vitamin is from the sun which is transformed into the hormone calcitriol in more than a few different body tissues, as well as breast tissue. It is also acquired from food – such as oily fish and eggs. Supplements are as well available to boost vitamin D intake.

So How Does it Work?

According to Dr. Cedric F. Garland from the University of California’s San Diego Moores Cancer Center breast can be treated with Vitamin D. Without enough Vitamin D, the structure collapses and the cells increase, leading to cancer in numerous cases.

Carole Baggerly, the founder of GrassrootsHealth.com considers that 90% of ordinary breast cancer is linked to vitamin D deficiency — which is 100 percent preventable!

His team established that women who had high levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in their blood had approximately a 50% lower fatality rate, measure up to with women who had low levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in their blood.

Natural Sources of Vitamin D

-Sunlight stimulates the body to create vitamin D

-Fatty fish can be a good resource of vitamin D

-Mushrooms have the ability to create vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light

-Eggs are a suitable way to get vitamin D

-One tablespoon of cod liver oil contains about 1,300 IUs of vitamin D, which is more than twice the suggested dietary allowance of 600 IUs per day

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Why Ketogenic Diet is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism

Why Ketogenic Diet is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism
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Ketosis is helpful with numerous health problems, but the most significant one is obesity. This diet forces your body to burn the fat and not to burn the calories.  And in turn, to realize this, you must consume over 60-70 % of healthy fats in your diet, like avocado, raw nuts — pecans and macadamia nuts, coconut oil, organic pastured eggs, grass pastured butter.

The procedure of burning the fat is owing to the decreased consummation of carbohydrates. And with the low sugar intake, your body has nothing else left to burn but the fat.

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood. In contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides most of the energy.

The main purpose in a proper ketogenic diet is to force your body into a metabolic state. This is able with the lack of sugar, and not lack of calories. The body will get used to this diet, so when you decrease the intake in carbs and increase the fat intake, your body will turn toward the ketones and they will turn into its energy source.

Here are the advantages of a ketogenic diet:

  1. Promote weight loss

Decreased intake of carbs is the most excellent way to attain the process of weight loss. The ketogenic diet encourages higher fats consuming, medium intake of protein and decreased intake in carbohydrates, and leaving the body with no choice, but to begin producing ketones using the fat and making it the major source of energy.

  1. Fights Cancer

Cancer cells feed on sugar. It is as well the food of tumors and it encourages faster growth of cancer. The ketogenic diet doesn’t contain sugar and it is useful in the treatment and the avoidance of cancer. The normal cells feed with the fat as their source of energy source, but the cancer cells aren’t capable of doing this.

A study published in Redox Biology showed that the ketogenic diet is extremely efficient in the treatment of colon, gastric, and prostate cancer. Dr. Eugene Fine from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine declares that the ketone bodies can destroy cancer due to their ability to bring to an end the energy production in the cancer cells. Dr. Fine has in addition written a paper where he elucidates that it is 100 % natural and achievable to put the cancer patient on an insulin free diet. The amount of ketosis depends on the partial remission and a stable disease, but there is no shortage in calories and no weight loss.

  1. Protects the brain

A diet plentiful in fat and low in carbs is very competent in the treatment of different neurological disorders. This diet is as well efficient in treating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. A study estimates the influence of the ketogenic diet on Parkinson’s disease and the participants were put on a 4 to 1 ketogenic diet. Their symptoms were improved by 43% in just one month.

The ketogenic diet is in addition very helpful in other conditions like autism. Autism is almost the same as epilepsy since autism patients as well experience seizures as a result of over thrill of the brain cells. And the ketogenic diet enhanced the condition of many autistic children in the period of 6 months.

Source: www.livingtraditionally.com
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The Chemical that Causes More Cancer and Death than Any Other Chemical

The Chemical that Causes More Cancer and Death than Any Other Chemical
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Opposing to popular belief, fluoride is not a natural essence; it is the result of the aluminum and nuclear industries’ use of fluorine gas. The Merck Index lists fluoride’s most important use as rat and cockroach poison and it is a recognized carcinogen. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the FDA was one way or another swayed that the poison supposedly helped protect teeth.


The California Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) in recent times released a document called Evidence on the Carcinogenicity of Fluoride and Its Salts that highlights the numerous health hazards that are caused by the consumption of fluoride.


The OEHHA report previously states that “multiple lines of evidence (show) that fluoride is included into bones where it can inspire cell division of osteoblasts [bone-forming cells],” an admittance that by now recognizes fluoride as a cause of bone cancer. The report goes on to articulate that fluoride stimulates “genetic changes and other cellular changes leading to malignant transformation, and cellular immune reply thus increasing the risk of the progress of osteosarcomas.”

Multiple studies dating back to the 1970s link fluoride exposure to thyroid and other cancers

Numerous studies by Dr. Dean Burk, the former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute, have also strained relations between fluoride exposure and cancer. Dr. Burk’s study dating back to 1977 exposed that fluoride intake led to the increase of thyroid follicular cell tumors in mice.

“Examination of the results in rats demonstrated that animals who consumed fluoridated water showed: raise in tumors and cancers in oral squamous cells, an infrequent form of bone cancer (osteosarcoma), and a rise in thyroid follicular cell tumors,” reads a paper by Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D., entitled “Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste.”

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Conventional medicine has ways of covering up the fact that their treatments frequently lead to the demise of cancer patients. It’s easier to say that the patient just died of cancer, not chemotherapy poisoning or radiation damage.

Their rate of reversing cancer is miserable, even as they play linguistic and statistical games with their outcome to carry on marketing their methods as the only efficient treatments around.


Then again, people who search for alternative methods of dealing with cancer have a much better chance of surviving cancer with improved quality life, with no adverse reactions or side effects. Sometimes the cancer survival rate drops from 80+ % with alternative natural means to 50% or lower. Here’s why:



1. Rushing Into Mainstream Treatments First

When first diagnosed with any type of cancer, patients are under pressure into starting treatments right away or face forthcoming death. The types of cancer that are that aggressive, such as pancreatic cancer, are beyond repair inside mainstream medicine anyhow. So why rush?

The projection of total recovery with natural methods is decreased significantly by conventional oncology’s harsh “heroic interventions.” You have time to do a research what’s best for you. If you’re oblivious or confused about what’s out there, you can try the Cancer Tutor.


2. Not Changing To The “Cancer Diet

All processed beverages and foods must be avoided totally. Organic plant foods should be the dietary staples. A person suffering from cancer should also stop consuming meat, particularly red and processed meats. Refined carbohydrates and refined sugar create the ideal food for cancer cells’ survival.


The pancreas distributes proteolytic enzymes that are used to break down animal proteins, and they can, in addition, break up cancer cells. Why squander them on animal flesh that’s almost certainly overloaded with toxins from factory farm abuse?


3. Going It Alone With Only One Protocol

The Cancer Tutor advises three protocols (as well as diet) if a person doesn’t go to a clinic that focuses on natural healing, like the Gerson Clinic, Bio-Medical Clinic, or others in Mexico or Europe. But some supervise only one therapy if they are on a cancer diet.


4. Not Following The Protocol Exactly

The Budwig Diet forbids using laetrile, an efficient therapy by itself. But it permits the natural source of laetrile, apricot seed kernels. The Budwig Diet guide ought to be followed.


Although in France, Dr. Max Gerson was confused by the lack of development with some of his patients. He revealed that an assistant was sneaking pastries to patients loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates that helped cancer cells continue to exist and sabotaged his dietary approach.

Essiac tea was suggested to a friend whose dad had cancer. She said he tried it and it did not work. Certainly, he had never altered his diet and he consumed over-the-counter Essiac tea, which is of no value. Merely a few online providers provide the best Rene Caisse-approved herbs for you to prepare Essiac yourself.


5. Not Detoxifying Sufficiently

A clean organic, plant-based diet and intense juicing do help with that. But other techniques of detoxification may be essential for some. The “die-off” from shattered cancer cells creates toxicity and trouble the liver.

Gerson’s treatment uses coffee enemas to detoxify the liver, and so does Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who uses to some extent advanced version of Dr. William Kelley’s successful 1970s protocol.


6. Mixing Protocols With Chemo Or Radiation

Cancer patients who are using cannabis oils are usually guilty of this. They tend to look at cannabis’ unbelievable healing powers as a silver bullet and pay no attention to changing their diets, more often than not continuing to eat junk food with plenty of sugar. After that, they panic and jump into chemo or radiation additionally to using cannabis oil.


7. Ignoring The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Aspect Of Healing

Journalists and patients examining different cancer clinics in Mexico are frequently astonished at their friendly, relaxed atmospheres. Cheerfulness and humor are supportive. Full support from family and friends are of highest importance.



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90 % of breast and thyroid cancer can be prevented with this one mineral

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From the discovery of the Iodine in the 1800s it has been extensively used in the treatment of goiter. In 1924, Americans have begun to use it as an additive to table salt in order to deal with the high prevalence of iodine deficiency.

While the fact that iodized salt is sufficient to meet body`s necessities, studies show that iodine in table salt has quite deprived absorption, which means that the body doesn’t completely absorb it.


Recommended Daily Allowance

For pregnant women 220 micrograms, for adults, the RDA of iodine is 150 micrograms and it`s 290 micrograms for lactating women. These amounts were established to avoid goiter, but they don’t provide the body with enough amount needed for best thyroid, immune system, and endocrine system function.
According to discoveries of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, iodized salt hasn’t helped to eliminate iodine deficiency at all. They have indicated quite low levels of iodine in over 50% of the population.

Healthy iodine levels are very important for all aspects of health, in fact, doctors have used iodine in medical practice in the past, characteristically using a gram of potassium iodide, which contains 770 mg of iodine.

According to Dr. Albert S. Gyorgi (1893–1986), the physician who revealed vitamin C, “When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the widespread medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something excellent. We students used to summarize the situation in this little rhyme:If ye don’t know where, what, and why, Prescribe ye then K and I.”

Iodine’s Role in the Body

Not only iodine has serious role in thyroid function and appropriate metabolism, but it is also needed for healthy immunity and offers a lot of therapeutic benefits like antiviral, anticancer, anti parasitic and antibacterial properties.

Apart from the thyroid, the glandular system is nevertheless another storage site for iodine. The brain, breasts, prostate and ovaries also contain high quantity of iodine, and literally every cell in the body relies on this element. In case of iodine deficit, all storage sites become exhausted, increasing the risk for numerous conditions, even cancer.

Hypothyroidism and Its Symptoms

As explained in the book Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, the thyroid requests iodine for the production of its hormones and guideline of body`s metabolism. Hypothyroidism is a condition that is characterized by a low metabolic rate and the symptoms are dry skin, cold hands, puffy eyes muscle cramps, and feet, inability to concentrate, menstrual irregularity, high cholesterol levels, poor memory, and weight gain. This condition is very widespread in iodine deficient individuals and it has been discovered that iodine supplementation goes a long way in improving its symptoms.

Iodine As An Anti-Cancer Nutrient

The usual life cycle of healthy cells revolves around growth, division, and death. Apoptosis is a natural course, referring to the death of body`s cells. The previously exhausted cells are repeatedly swapped for new cells. Apoptosis regulates cell division and guarantee normal life cycle. On the other hand, abnormal cells naturally don’t experience this process and their abnormal growth ultimately wreaks havoc to the body.

It has been systematically shown that iodine is a potent anticancer nutrient that supports apoptosis when taken in large amounts, meaning quantities above the RDA. It has been also exposed that chronic deficiency and the inability to use iodine set the stage for uterus cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and ovaries cancer.

Causes of Iodine Deficiency

The most widespread causes and contributing factors for iodine shortage are as follows:

– Deforestation, poor undeveloped practices, and soil erosion, all of which reduce minerals from the soil, causing the crops to be low in iodine
– Contact with toxic chemicals
– The substitute of iodine as bread dough ingredient which resulted in thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer
– Contact with chlorine and fluoride

Sources of Iodine

– Sea weed are pretty concentrated source of iodine
– Soil in the region of the oceans is an outstanding source of iodine
– Sea veggies, animals that graze near coastal areas
– Crops grown in iodine-rich soil
– Supplements

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