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Disturbing: Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease


Scientist validate that cancer cells is a ‘man-made’ condition.
Cancer cells is such a huge illness worldwide, it is currently estimated that in some parts of the world one in 2 people will certainly create cancer at some phase in their life.

There is currently no treatment for cancer cells and as it stands, it is among the most incapacitating and life altering diseases. But the most frightening part is that it seems to have come out of no place.

Simply returning to the 1950’s cancer prices were a portion of just what they are today, individuals that are old adequate to remember will certainly remember cancer cells being something that was relatively unusual, extremely harmful and not effectively comprehended.

Currently researchers at the University of Manchester have actually confirmed exactly what doctors have been believing– the reason that cancer cells rates have skies rocketed is that they are a human-borne disease that is being fed year on year.

The group of researchers focused their research study on checking out the skeletons of mummified bodies alive thousands of years earlier, as well as they made the groundbreaking discovery that not a single ‘mommy’ dies from cancer cells, and even had lumps existing in their body at time of fatality.

This result proves that cancer cells is something that has actually developed in recent years, growths having the ability to develop and also expand in our bodies because of the settings we currently live in.

Poor diet plans and also lifestyle options such as having absolutely less active lives, not obtaining sufficient exercise and also eating method way too much refined foods as well as foods that contain chemicals are all aspects that add to cancers nowadays that the Egyptians just weren’t subjected to.

Lead scientist Michael Zimmerman claimed:

” In an ancient culture doing not have medical treatment, evidence of cancer need to continue to be in all cases. The virtual absence of hatreds in mommies must be taken indicating their rarity in antiquity, indicating that cancer-causing variables are restricted to cultures affected by modern-day industrialization,”

While Teacher Rosalie David noted:


” In industrialized cultures, cancer is second just to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was exceptionally uncommon. There is absolutely nothing in the natural environment that could trigger cancer. So it needs to be a synthetic illness, down to air pollution and also modifications to our diet regimen and lifestyle.

The vital aspect of our research study is that it offers a historical viewpoint to this disease. We could make really clear declarations on the cancer cells rates in cultures because we have a complete introduction. We have actually looked at millennia, not one hundred years, as well as have masses of information.

Yet again considerable ancient Egyptian data, in addition to various other information from throughout the millennia, has actually provided contemporary culture a clear message– cancer cells is manufactured and also something that we can as well as ought to resolve.”

Harvard Study: Pasteurized Milk From Industrial Dairies Linked to Cancer


Although the brewing of pet milk is generally rooted in the day-to-day routine of a civilized person, which is commonly approved without question, although that evolutionary view is not so old, it is still highly endured with the propaganda equipment of the dairy products sector, motivated by the desire for profit, via its effective marketing and also industrial lobbying, promotes and also markets this white liquid under the tag– “healthy and balanced and essential”.

Certainly, the basic indoctrinated perception of a generational function plays a significant duty in preserving this habit, that the drinking of animal milk by individuals is something “all-natural, regular as well as needed”.

Fortunately, more scientists, medical professionals, specialists, nutritionists, wellness professionals, clinical organizations, groups, and even individuals are appreciating to inform the public and also speak clearly about the real impacts of the intake of pet milk, milk products, and all various other pet items.

In this context, in recent decades countless clinical research studies and also independent skilled studies have been executed that figure out that milk and also dairy items are inadequate and also unneeded food for the human body and its ideal health and wellness.

Among the many clear indications of this is the fact that 75% of the world’s populace is lactose-intolerant, that is, they do not possess the lactase enzyme should break down the milk sugar called lactose.

Among one of the most present researches widely spoken around the globe in current months is a study by the Harvard University Public Health Center that has actually plainly rejected milk as well as its by-products from a natural food menu, naming them as danger elements that trigger, or substantially add to the development of prostate cancer as well as ovarian cancer.

Other essential scientific research studies are related to animal milk with a series of various other autoimmune illness, diabetes mellitus (kind 1), cardiovascular disease, bust cancer (as a result of the high estrogen index), allergies, infections, skin diseases and also other.

A brand-new research study by Harvard College shows that the sterilized milk item of factory farms is connected with creating cancer-dependent hormonal agents, and it has actually been revealed that the focused feeding operation (CAFO) on farms for elevating cows creates milk with unsafe top-level estrone sulfate, an estrogen compound related to cancer of testes, prostate as well as breast cancer cells.

Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu and her associates specifically determined the “milk from modern dairy farms” as the perpetrator, given that they deal with indoor procedures where cows reviewed for 300 days of the year, consisting of during pregnancy, as well as in comparison with raw milk from her indigenous Mongolia, which was drawn out only in the very first 6 months after the cows had already delivered, it was found that pasteurized milk has approximately 33 times as much estrone sulfate.

Reviewing the data from all over the world, Dr. Davaasambuu as well as her coworkers determined a clear web link between the usage of such high hormone milk and high prices of cancer cells hormone dependence as well as simply puts, rather in contrast to what the United States Centers for Control Diseases (CDCs), the United States Division of Farming (USDA) and the conventional milk lobby, processed milk from agriculture is not a health item, as well as is straight associated with creating cancer cells.

“The milk we drink today is rather the reverse of the milk our forefathers consumed alcohol,” claims Dr. Davaasambuu at Harvard College.

This is a truly wide topic for which countless scientifically-research as well as recorded final thoughts can be revealed that could seriously permeate into the microbiology of milk from a number of elements, along with the impact on the biochemical procedures of human metabolism.

This time, we just share a couple of important reasons we ought to throw away sterilized milk from the everyday diet plan, and also, if preferred, replace it with various selections of vegetable milk that represent a healthy and balanced as well as reasonably economical option.

Cows are fed up with incorrect food, which not just transforms the nature of the milk however likewise triggers cow issues. They are usually fed with soybeans, corn, dishes from deposits of cotton grains or various other commercial foods (generally genetically modified) which contain a variety of suspicious ingredients, consisting of hen manure as well as a mixture of dried cornflakes or citrus fruits sprayed with pesticides.

This food disagrees for cows that are ruminant and needs to be fed with eco-friendly turf in spring, summertime and fall, and also eco-friendly food, silage, hay and root veggies in winter months. However, a lot of dairy cows are maintained inside, caught as well as kept alive with antibiotics and also hormones that have actually never seen eco-friendly turf in their lives or really felt a sunbeam of their manipulated body.

Milk is pasteurized. Pasteurization is the procedure of warming the liquid at a completely heat in order to eliminate certain microorganisms and also damage certain enzymes. It entirely ruins both valuable enzymes, vitamins, denatures breakable milk proteins, eliminates valuable microorganisms as well as promotes the growth of microorganisms. Lots of nutritional experts today call milk a dead white fluid.

Even calves that feed on pasteurized milk are in inadequate wellness and lots of pass away before they reach their maturation. Pasteurization was developed as a technique in 1920 for the function of combating consumption, child diarrhea, brucellosis as well as various other diseases triggered by bad animal nutrition and also dirty production techniques, but times have actually altered both contemporary stainless steel containers, bleeding equipments, cooled trucks as well as inspiring methods have made pasteurization definitely unneeded for public protection.

Sometimes, the milk is ultra-pasteurized to be devoid of heat-resistant bacteria and have a longer life span in stores. Pasteurization carried out at an ultra-high temperature is a process where the milk from chilly temperature level is warmed to a temperature level over the boiling point in less than two secs. This procedure is used for packaged milk that can be stored at room temperature level.

To make points worse, milk is homogenized. Homogenization is a process that permits decomposition of thick fat blobs, so that they do not be up to the top. Homogenized milk creates the body’s difficulty digesting it, so proteins that are usually refined in the tummy do not break down, but are absorbed into the blood stream. Frequently the body responds to these “side healthy proteins,” by activating the body immune system, creating inflammation. It could even create autoimmune problems. Homogenized milk is likewise related to cardiovascular disease, probably because of fat beads that are dispersed throughout the procedure.

In addition to the fact that milk is chemically modified right into a fluid that our body is tough to digest and cause issues, today’s milk typically consists of steroids, prescription antibiotics, chemicals from dealt with cereal grains, microorganisms from contaminated animals (such as one of the most infamous Salmonella and Escherichia coli) growth hormones treated with a method of genetic modification. One ought to not disregard the fact that usually a glass of milk consists of numerous pus and also blood cells from the glands of the pets due to the harsh and also uncontrolled method of device milking, in addition to micro-residues from pet waste matter because of the non-hygienic conditions in which they are usually kept animals in industrial pet farms or agriculture.

The most appropriate choice for fans of milk are various veggie milk (almond, coconut, oat, rice, soy milk, hazelnut, walnut, hemp, etc.), which can be done conveniently as well as in house problems and are the best as well as healthiest selection, both for kids as well as adults. Knowing the right information, which at the same time suggests obligation, uncompromised by the strong lobbying of the food industry, one obtains insight right into just what the ideal option suggests. The next time you assume that sterilized milk as well as dairy items are healthy, natural or required, assume better prior to they end up in your mouth.


But meanwhile, unrefined milk of natural origin generated from cows bleeding at the suitable time is associated with boosting food digestion, dealing with autoimmune disorders and boosting total resistance, which can aid avoid cancer cells. And although you will certainly never ever hear any one of the mainstream media, that the whole milk is not the same– the way in which the cow is seen, when it is bleeding, and how milk is processed, a difference is made whether the item promotes health and wellness or fatality.

The United States government is attempting to continue the lie that whole milk coincides, with phenomenal brand-new provisions in 2012, exactly those stipulations are of specific issue in the 2012 Farming Sector Bill, which creates also greater rewards for farmers to generate the lowest high quality of milk, which could ruin health and wellness.
As opposed to encouraging farmers, cows feeding on pastures, permitting them to feed on yard, indigenous foods that their systems can process, the government prefers to encourage minimal farm manufacturing approaches that require cows to eat genetically changed (GM) corn and also other food, that makes them unwell.

As is presently the case, the government has already supplied motivations for farmers to quit grazing their pets, and also instead limit them to indoors or agriculture, so the 2012 legislation on agriculture will take an action additionally by prohibiting “element rates” for milk, which involves allowing farmers to offer milk with higher protein as well as butter at a higher cost.

But if they enable farmers to offer top quality milk at a greater rate, it provides the reward to enhance the resources of their farms as well as to grow much better cows. However, possibly, the United States federal government would rather standardize whole milk as the very same, and create a system in which farmers will certainly remain to produce milk from unwell cows to consume alcohol countless children.

source: for-healthy-lifestyle

Why Women in China Don’t Get Breast Cancer


Breast cancer cells is the most usual deadly condition in a lady that is expanding, specifically for the last twenty years. It could happen at any type of age. In its first, beginning it is normally asymptomatic. The client, normally on self-examination, or unintentionally recognizes a pain-free citadel in the bust location.

Later the signs and also indicators of the illness depend on the regional tumor development, its spread in regional structures as well as tissues, and the localization of distant metastases. There are specific threat aspects that raise the probability of this disease in some ladies.

So bust cancer cells is among the leading causes of death on the planet, and various ladies fight with this fight on a daily basis. One of these ladies was Prof. Jane Plant that experienced bust cancer cells, and medical professionals gave her 2 months of life. A devoted spouse, a mom and an extremely valued scientist, likewise came to be CBE for her operate in geochemistry.

At the age of 42, in 1987, she was identified with breast cancer cells, however the good news is, she decided to combat instead of quiting, which caused the production of an innovative diet as well as way of living that conserved her life. During that time, Prof Plant operated in China, which is likewise crucial, that she cured her bust cancer.

She and also her hubby, the same researcher, began frantically to check out the Chinese way of life to establish where the key to the wellness of this people lies. It is recognized that in China, the percent of breast cancer is extremely low. Along with a group of experts, they discovered the reason why the Chinese people did not obtain bust cancer cells, and also she made use of these findings to win her own battle.

She explains her miraculous technique in order to assist all ladies that experience breast cancer.

She clarifies exactly how she has handled to cure cancer and recover her health, claiming she was questioning why Chinese females did not develop bust cancer, and along with her partner, checked their clinical backgrounds and aimed to comprehend it rationally.

They concerned the verdict that it is up to a percentage of fat in the diet, since fats account for just 4% of the calories in the typical Chinese diet regimen, while Western diet regimen consists of 36% fat.

Yet she ate little fat before creating bust cancer cells, and she in some way knew that this was not the only reason.

After extensive research, Prof. Jane Plant comes to the conclusion that the reason is that the Chinese people do not eat milk and also some milk products. Milk is the major cause of many allergies, as well as 70% of the globe’s populace can not digest milk powder, lactose, and also what Jane remembered that she consumed many dairy items before she was diagnosed with cancer cells, and that was her main source of proteins.

In China, milk is referred to as “the liquid type of the pet’s udder” as well as really feel abhorrent to it. It’s delegated them as a custom of the past. After that Jane also quit taking in all the milk products and also in a couple of months, she completely recouped.

Just a week after no milk diet started by Plant, it was determined that the tumors had completely gone away.

Prof. Plant published a book on the subject titled “Why Ladies in China Are Not Bust Cancer”. There she describes that non-milk diet plan could aid in other types of cancer, mostly on a hormonal basis. And also to now, she does not consume alcohol milk and declares it is abnormal for a person to take in fluids originating from pets.

She additionally consumed minced beef, along with natural yogurt during chemotherapy to assist food digestion and also stimulate the growth of “great” microorganisms in the gut, as well as after locating thаt Dr. Daniel Kramer of Harvard University have actually confirmed that there is a link in between bust cancer and also milk products, making it decide to completely stay clear of these items.

It additionally discloses that various items we make use of daily, such as cakes, soy, biscuits, commercial soups, olive oil and sunflower oil, consist of milk products in some kind.

Back then, Jane suffered from the fifth phase of bust cancer and also went through chemotherapy, nevertheless, there were no positive effects, and also the swelling stayed the very same size. Nonetheless, when Jane discontinued to eat milk products, the swelling began to decline, and after only 2 weeks the size of the lump was reduced.

After 6 weeks, she began meditating one hr daily and also in some way really felt that there was no lump, and afterwards she visited her cancer cells professional at the Charing Cross Health Center in London after 3 days, as well as it was validated that the swelling was not there.


Today, Jane appreciates her health and wellness and asserts that although some are skeptical, she makes sure that the partnership between dairy items as well as bust cancer is the same as the connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer cells as well as she is persuaded that her discovery has actually assisted her healed breast cancer, as well as she is a living proof of it.

This is the history of Prof. Jane Plant, which shows that an individual can be cured of cancer and no medication, considering that the most crucial thing for an organism is proper nutrition. Nonetheless, alternative techniques can assist, however in no chance be taken into consideration a wonder solution.

It is known that diet plan depends mostly on the development of conditions which with correct diet we protect the body from them.

In the video listed below, Jane shares her experience with breast cancer and using a Chinese method that saved her life and ensure that you see it and gain from her experience:

Breaking News: “I had 4th STAGE prostate cancer, Here’s how I defeat it!”


Is there an opportunity that the cancer treatment is at hand, and also we do unknown it? Can our team believe the insurance claims that the regular baking soda can entirely heal cancer? We can as well as we should, given that countless statements by cancer cells clients assert the same.

Vernon Johnston was informed by the physicians that he would certainly not live long, which there is no salvation for him, however he was entirely recuperated after couple of weeks! Using baking soda, he did well in beating a prostate cancer phase 4, which also infected the bone marrow.

As a result of the level of anxiety to which people are exposed and all bad-quality items worldwide, creating a vicious cycle of business capitalist system as well as diseases in the world, countless people are enduring.

Vernon said that because of cancer cells development due to the enhanced toxic substance levels in all sectors of society, from contaminated water, food, vaccines, to the infected air, individuals are passing away throughout the world.

So, a modification must occur.

Larry, his brother, claimed that “When Vernon was diagnosed with cancer cells, I told him that he need to try to enhance the pH in the body, since cancer can not be created in an alkaline environment.”

Vernon, following his advice, got a cesium chloride to enhance the pH-level in his system. Without panic or concern although his doctors stated he would not live a lot longer, Vernon came close to the problem. Additionally, he did not go through any other treatments, however he believed to defeat the condition with cesium chloride.

He was established to kill the cancer cells prior to it eliminated him. Nonetheless, throughout transport, cesium chloride which he had ordered was lost, and because of lack of time, he tried to find an additional alternative with which he can increase the pH-level in his body.

The solution was easy: a drug made from cooking soft drink as well as maple syrup.As he did not have maple syrup in the kitchen area, he used the molasses.

The whole treatment, the protocol that is made use of, which included a diet regimen that promotes alkalinity, minerals, vitamin supplements and also a great deal of sunlight with cooking soda as well as molasses, which changed the syrup, all was videotaped in Vernon’s journal.

The most affordable, the best as well as probably one of the most reliable solution that exists for treating canceris sodium bicarbonate (cooking soft drink). Sodium bicarbonate has no adverse result, it can only help in the fight versus cancer.

Maple syrup allows cooking soda to participate in the cancer cells to strike them with alkalinity and damage them by oxidizing. Molasses additionally assisted, also provided him a much better mineral basis as nutritional assistance. Nonetheless, most alternative cancer cells therapies include complete abstention from sugar, because it feeds cancer cells.


Place two teaspoons of baking soda (for dental consumption) in a cup and also add a little bit of molasses or syrup. After that, pour a little water. Repeat this in an additional pot on the oven to obtain little cozy, and after that mix all.

This beverage must be eaten a number of times a day.


Below is a video clip for how to prepare this treatment:

Vernon claims that it is important to clean your body from level of acidity in case of cancer cells. Soda is merely the most effective solution to raise alkaline environment in the body, with the renunciation of “sugar” certainly and the food that increases the level of acidity of the body.

After a couple of weeks of performing this treatment, the medical exam confirmed that has totally healed the prostate cancer and also bone marrow.

Now he lives to tell his experience as well as to “enlighten” individuals in need of his incredible remedy.

Student Makes Discovery That May Prevent Spread Of Cancer


A pupil from Ontario might have addressed the code that scientists and medical professionals have actually lengthy attempted to break.

Caitlin Miron, a Ph.D. pupil in the chemistry division at Queen’s College, has identified a chemical substance that may be able to “turn off” cancer cells in order to stop them from spreading.

Studying at the European Institute of Chemistry as well as Biology in Bordeaux, France, Miron made use of sophisticated testing technology to analyze a variety of substances from the Petitjean lab at Queen’s College.

During her internship, she discovered one compound that binds well to four-stranded DNA structure, or guanine quadruplex, which has actually been linked to the advancement of cancer and other conditions.

She discussed her exploration by contrasting a single-strand DNA to a pendant with grains that move easily until they struck a knot. The beads are the cell equipment that move along the pendant processing the DNA, she said.

” You could enter and also untangle that knot, however in this case, someone has entered there initially and they’ve used superglue to hold it together,” Miron stated. “Just what we’ve uncovered in that instance is that glue.”

Miron says that by binding the recently discovered substance or “superglue” to the quadruplex to protect the “knot” in the chain, researchers might have the ability to protect against the cell equipment from reaching a specific area of DNA to process it, which would, then, stop the development as well as spread of cancer cells.

Scientists have actually been investigating quadruplex binders as a feasible therapy for cancer cells for roughly 20 to 30 years, Miron additionally clarified. However, most of the known binders have not yielded outcomes as encouraging as the one Miron has actually identified.

” It’s actually interesting. It’s interesting to be on the forefront of this field,” she said. “There are various other quadruplex binders out there, but exactly what we’re seeing is that ours is really high-performing.”

While Miron’s exploration is still in its onset in terms of commercial development. her research study team has actually just submitted a patent as well as state it’ll be one more year before they have the ability to finalize and make it main, she said.


“We’re still, now, taking a look at creating the initial hit substances to see, ‘Can we improve targeting to cancer cells? Can we enhance access into the cells through a membrane layer?'” Miron claimed.

While Miron’s searchings for are promising, the Ph.D. student projects it could be another 5 to 8 years prior to the compound is developed enough for it to be utilized commercially.

In the meantime, Miron is being honored with an honor for Exceptional Technology by Mitacs, a nationwide not-for-profit organization promoting Canadian research study, which will exist to her at an event in Ottawa on Tuesday.



Beginning the day with a cleansing, refreshing drink of lemon water does marvels for the system. Besides ensuring optimum hydration, lemon water has multiple benefits for the body and mind. Add in ginger, cucumber and also mint and also you have an incredible cleansing solution to keep you at your finest all day.

Lemon is well known for its pH balancing buildings. Although it has fairly an acidic preference, it is inherently alkaline and helps the body preserve its balance. It is a powerful anti-bacterial and also antibacterial compound, aiding in the treatment many conditions from bad breath to cholera, and has 22 anti-cancer homes.

– 1 lemon

– 1/2 cucumber

– 1/4 ginger root

– 1/2 cup mint leaves


Peel a small amount of ginger before you sufficed. Slice all the active ingredients and include it water. If you want to get one of the most out of the active ingredients, do not throw them out after one usage. Generally, they will certainly last around 3 days if you keep including brand-new water.

Consume first thing in the early morning for maximum results.



The FDA has provided its latest report mentioning what all of us recognized for so long as well as finally admitting that the chicken meat sold on the market is filled with arsenic. Arsenic is just one of the most hazardous chemicals and also it has been associated with numerous serious diseases like cancer.

It’s been a very long time that people speculate about this, now it’s official.

To earn the issue also worse, the brand-new record, issued by the IATP, claims that this toxic substance is actually intentionally infused in the meat. According to this record 70% of the hens in America have high quantities of arsenic. Arsenic is infused in the poultries to make them larger.

Inning accordance with the FDA, half of the examined hens were discovered positive on arsenic and the toxic substance was located mostly in the liver. The type of arsenic made use of for the chickens is called Roxarsone. This drug is produced by the firm Pfizer and also the FDA asked the company to stop the production of this medication.

The FDA, even after this shocking exploration, proceeds claiming that the amount of arsenic injected in the meat is not harmful and within the limits that are allowed and that the hen meat is safe for intake. On the other hand, a lot of research studies show that arsenic is really dangerous neurotoxin and health hazard chemical.

A research also reveals that arsenic is as harmful as lead and also mercury and also it can impair the normal growth of the fetus in pregnant women. The study also reveals that arsenic is also 4 times much more damaging and also toxic than mercury and also much more hazardous than other heavy metal.


Inning accordance with another research arsenic is associated with respiratory system troubles, bladder and liver damages, basic cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. Despite the fact that the FDA asserts that small amount of this toxin in the meat is nothing to stress over considering that is not hazardous, it’s always far better to consume natural meat. By doing this you will certainly make certain that the meat you eat is safe and you will shield the health.



Cancer threatens. Do not flirt with calamity. Don’t consume it and do not go near it. Don’t consume it. Do not place it on your skin. Yes, this is a caution not to place cancer on or inside your body. Cancer is in GMO chemical DNA seed designs as well as the treatments made use of on veggies and also fruit.

Cancer remains in sun block creams packed with contaminants that keep in your sweat and shut out the vitamin D you would usually obtain from the sun. Cancer remains in cosmetics, make-up, soaps, tooth paste as well as hair shampoos. Cancer might be prowling in your fridge, your kitchen and also in your medicine closet, but it has a nemesis.

Cancer cells has an opponent that ruins it like an M-60 leveling a field of adversary soldiers. It’s called “hydrogen peroxide,” and the “lame-stream,” conventional media will certainly tell you exactly how “dangerous” it goes to 35%, but they will not tell you that you could trickle a couple drops in a glass of water every day and end cancer cells. Yes, it holds true.

Cancer cells prospers in an acid-heavy system, where the blood as well as the body organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat and also man-made food. The heart and also brain battle to remove the toxic substances located in the majority of traditional forms of food, like anti-biotics, hormones, pesticides, pesticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals and also much more.

This is why the medical professionals and oncologists inform chemo patients not to eat alkalizing foods like kale, because it will certainly “interfere with the radiation treatment.” God prohibit you need to aim to alkalize all that acid that’s killing your EXCELLENT cells. The majority of cancer people die as a result of the radiation treatment and also radiation damages to their non-cancerous cells.

To puts it simply, your excellent cells that are trying to help your body defeated cancer cells are denied of oxygen likewise, resulting in brand-new cancers as well as often death within 5 years. “One of the most neglected solution to all type of disease as well as illness is perhaps the simplest. All microorganisms, infections, and parasites are anaerobic.

They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but could not endure with an abundance of oxygen. Also cancer cells can not exist in oxygen. They depend upon fermenting sugar to make it through and increase.”

What should you do, whether you have cancer or not? Alkalize your body, that’s exactly what.

Now remember, hydrogen peroxide does not restore the body immune system or fix the cells damaged by toxic chemo; nevertheless, there’s no better time to welcome that “adjustment of season” for the regeneration of new cells, skin, hair as well as body organ cells compared to right now. This is preprogrammed in your DNA. Males and female have the exact same schedule:

– 120 Days – NEW Red Cell

– 90 Days – NEW Skeletal System

– 60 Days – NEW Brain Cells, Cells

– 49 Days – BRAND-NEW Bladder

– 45 Days – BRAND-NEW Liver, BRAND-NEW DNA Cell Product

– Thirty Day – BRAND-NEW Hair, NEW Skin

– 5 Days – BRAND-NEW Tummy Cellular Lining

It has actually been medically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer is “inversely symmetrical to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells.” That indicates that the extra oxygen, the slower the cancer cells spreads.

On the other hand, the less oxygen, the quicker the cancer cells spreads. If cancer cells obtain sufficient oxygen, they will certainly die! Hydrogen peroxide eliminates cancer cells, since cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down the hydrogen peroxide as well as stop it from doing its work.

The essential to healing cancer cells with hydrogen peroxide is getting SUFFICIENT hydrogen peroxide INSIDE the cancer cells.

There is a clinical description of this: Proteolytic enzymes, likewise called pancreatic enzymes, actually cut apart the thick healthy protein layer that covers cancer cells, so the body immune system could identify the cells as cancerous.

Well, you do not need to be a researcher to recognize that! By cutting apart the protein covering, the hydrogen peroxide then gets in the cancer cells. You won’t become aware of that on any CNN “cancer cells unique” or on “Dr. Oz.”


Nobel reward victor Dr. Otto Warburg showed OVER 50 YEARS AGO the basic difference in between typical cells and also cancer cells.

Both obtain power from sugar, but the typical cell calls for oxygen to integrate with the glucose, while cancer cells break down sugar without oxygen, yielding just about 1/15 of the energy per glucose particle that a normal cell creates.


This is why cancer cells have such a big cravings for sugar and also why people that are overweight get cancer cells more often. It’s called the “biochemical waterfall.”

Hydrogen peroxide and also numerous various other oxygen therapies are shown to be risk-free as well as efficient. Pay attention to just what you acquire however, due to the fact that 35% food quality hydrogen peroxide is the only quality recommended for internal use.

Be cautious of the 3% “Pharmaceutical Quality.” This is the grade sold at your regional pharmacy or grocery store. This product is not recommended for interior use, due to the fact that it includes an assortment of stabilizers which shouldn’t be consumed. House usage advice: Some individuals include a cup of 35% food quality hydrogen peroxide to a tub of cozy water as well as soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide is soaked up with the skin, which is your largest body organ. Others consume alcohol a glass of water with a number of drops of food or reagent grade hydrogen peroxide.

Also consider digestive system enzymes.Researchers have noted for years a correspondence in between low levels of enzymes as well as cancer cells; in fact, enzyme treatment has actually been used with excellent results versus cancers cells in Europe and also by some doctors in the USA.



This man is a true health care reformer, that withstood the American Medical Organization in court. The list of diseases he can treat stretches to several of the most unsettling problems people face today including: bipolar illness, anxiety, ADHD, Mesothelioma cancer, indigestion and medication dependency.

On a daily basis it seems to become ever before clearer that the body has an effective capability to heal itself naturally, claims Dr. Sebi. He is a therapist, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and biologist that emigrated from Honduras. He is a man that shows people ways to deal with themselves despite the challenges he encounters.

In 1988, he handled the Attorney general of the United States of New York in a Supreme Court trial where he was being sued for incorrect ad and practice without a license after putting advertisements in a number of newspapers, including the New York Post where he had actually revealed:



The court had asked Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman) offer one witness per illness he had actually declared to heal. As 77 face to face witnesses joined him in court, the judge had no choice however to declare the Doctor BLAMELESS, verifying he carried out in reality have the treatment to all the diseases stated in the newspapers.

Several celebs have actually chosen healing, including: Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta as well as the departed Lisa Left Eye Lopes who proclaims in the video below:


These 4 Medicinal Mushrooms Fight Cancer


Mushrooms have been an integral part of Eastern recovery methods, medicinal mushrooms, that is. They have a few of the most effective ingredients for battling disorders and conditions. These medicinal mushrooms are the almost all of the Cancer-fighting routine.

When it pertains to medical mushrooms, I do not mean what you could find on the market or grocery shop. Usual mushrooms such as oyster or portabella are undoubtedly helpful for you, however there are others which are specifically for their disease-fighting and avoidance natural ingredients. Medicinal mushrooms such as Turkey and Maitake are some ranges. Naturally, there are many others.

Roles in Cancer-fighting

When it pertains to combating Cancer, these medicinal mushrooms operate in different methods. Some selections are best for amping up the body immune system. As several knows, the body immune system needs to be strong to eliminate Cancer cells and also other intruders.
Other medical mushrooms benefit tumor shrinking and direct antiviral attack! These options likewise have less damaging side results in contrast to chemotherapy or radiation, which have awkward and exceptionally effective negative effects.

1. The Mushroom of Eternal Life (Reishi)

Reishi is a renowned medical mushroom in Asia, in charge of creating apoptosis in Cancerous cells. It is also efficient at growth shrinkage and also boosting the performance of the body immune system. Otherwise understood as Ganoderma Lucidum, this mushroom is a highly effective option.

2. The Dancing Mushroom (Maitake)

This mushroom has actually also revealed to have a big range of bioactive particles. This indicates they could target growths and Cancer cells, both triggering mobile death, and shrinking of huge growths.

3. Tokyo’s Cancer Trick (Agaricus Blazei Murill)

This one is a blessing. Regarding ovarian as well as cervical cancers go, this medicinal mushroom has been a lifesaver, as it has minimized adverse effects throughout treatment. In a research of Cancer cell injected test subject, there was a 90% recovery rate when using this mushroom for therapy.

4. The Five Million Dollar Mushroom (Turkey Tail)


This miracle mushroom was found in 1976 as well as patented under the names PSK as well as PSP. This set target lump viruses. There is a 5.4-Million-dollar research, began in 2012, to read more about this medicinal mushroom.

Consumption of this medicating wonder

You must not consume medicinal mushrooms raw. Medical mushroom extracts could be found in powdered type for much better usage. You can additionally instill mushroom extracts right into various other substances such as coffee beans.

Before collecting any of these mushrooms on your own, do extensive research study as well as speak with others. It is unsafe to gather wild mushrooms without the education and research required to ensure you aren’t getting your practical dangerous selections.

Mushrooms have been a crucial part of Asian healing practices, medicinal mushrooms, that is. These medical mushrooms are the primary component of the Cancer-fighting regimen.

When it comes to medical mushrooms, I do not imply what you can discover in the market or grocery shop. When it comes to dealing with Cancer, these medicinal mushrooms function in different ways. As far as ovarian as well as cervical cancers go, this medical mushroom has been a lifesaver, as it has reduced side impacts throughout therapy.