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White or brown eggs: which is better to buy?

A lot of people don’t know why there is a color variation in eggs. Some are white and some of them are brown.

Furthermore, there is a price difference between them. In this article, we will show you which eggs you should consider buying and why.

The distinction is in the chicken

Eggs are diverse in color, because of the breed of the chicken. Reddish and brown feathered chicken lay brown eggs and white feathered chickens lay white eggs. The color of the eggs is determined by the dissimilarity in the breed of the chicken.

Are white eggs better than brown and vice versa?

The color of the eggs by no means is a sign of quality. The taste and nutrition in white eggs are not dissimilar than in brown eggs. The same can be said about their shells. There can be a variation in the eggshell, but it isn’t because of the color of the egg but to a certain extent the chicken’s age. Older chicken laid eggs with thinner shells and the younger ones lay them with thicker shells. So, we can terminate that these kinds of eggs aren’t different.

Brown eggs are more expensive. Why?

The price difference comes from the chickens that lay brown eggs are in fact bigger than the white chickens, and they require more food. Don’t let the price deceive you. A lot of people suppose that because some eggs are more expensive they must be healthier. That isn’t the case when it comes to eggs.


It is significant to say that chicken who were home raised are expected to lay brown eggs, and because of the food that chicken eats, the brown eggs have a more vibrant yolk and are usually more delicious. The yolk can be a sign that shows you if the egg comes from a healthy chicken or not.

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