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You Think That 120/80 Is a Normal Blood Pressure : You Are Completely Wrong!

A lot of people believe that 120 over 80 is a normal blood pressure.

Nevertheless, ESC Association has offered new guidelines when it comes to determining normal blood pressure. According to ESC, the normal pressure is 140 systolic –and 90 diastolic.

These numbers do not engage the group of people diagnosed with diabetes, whose normal pressure is 130 over 80. The same applies to elderly people.

Until now, a person with a blood pressure of 139 over 89 was diagnosed with hypertension and doctors prescribed high blood pressure medication to avoid the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Blood pressure is defined as low when either systolic blood pressure is less than 90 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure is less than 60 mmHg. If your blood pressure falls too low – less than 80/50 mmHg or if it drops unexpectedly and causes symptoms like dizziness, check with your doctor without delay.


If you have low blood pressure which is not accompanied by headaches, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat, it is almost certainly not a cause for concern.

Knowing your blood pressure and understanding blood pressure readings are significant for your health. If hypertension is left unrestrained, you are more probable to develop other serious conditions.

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Control The Blood Pressure And Remove Fat With This Powerful Home Remedy!

Control The Blood Pressure And Remove Fat With This Powerful Home Remedy!

A lot of people deal with high blood pressure and elevated levels of fat in the blood vessels. This is a consequence of consuming food that is high in fat usually junk food. Some hereditary disorders are considered as a probable cause like kidney disease, stress, liver disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Some medicines like blood birth control pills pressure medicines and steroids can also be the reason for the elevated levels of fat.

Regular physical activity, less fat in your diet and healthy nutrition can clean increased fat and the toxins from your body. It is significant to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels. A combination of garlic and organic lemon is used by the Russian traditional medicine for many years. This mixture normalizes the blood pressure and cleanses the blood vessels. It also increases the brain’s blood flow, recover the lipid contents and blood circulation and puts a stop to cancerous cell formation.

Garlic and lemon remedy


– 4 unpeeled organic lemons;
– 4 garlic cloves;
– 3L boiled water;


At the beginning, cut the lemons into small pieces 1-2cm and clean the garlic cloves. Next, put the lemons and garlic into the boiling water. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Then, cover the liquid and store it in the fridge for three days.


Start drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons three times a day before every meal and gradually increase the dosage.50 ml is the maximum dosage that you can use before every meal. This treatment should last for 40 days and it is suggested to be conducted once a year, but first, check with your doctor.

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