Here Is How To Stop Coughing And Get Rid Of Mucus From Your Lungs With This Ginger Wraps!

If you are having trouble with coughing, sneezing, or you aren’t able to sleep well, you have to try out the ginger wraps. In most of the cases, children are those who are affected by aggravating colds because they have weaker immunity.

Although the cough syrups are approved by the doctors for relentless coughing, they have many side effects like headaches, insomnia, etc. Because of that, there are situations when we have to turn to that alternative and natural option.  One of these natural alternatives is ginger wraps. Here are the directions on how to prepare ginger wraps:


– 1 tablespoon of ginger or ginger powder
– Raw organic honey;
-Olive oil;
– Flour;
You will also need adhesive tape and clean gauze and napkins


First, mix the honey and the flour. After that add the olive oil and ginger and mix again. Place the resulting mixture on a clean napkin and wrap the gauze around it. Attach it to the back or chest with the help of the adhesive tape. Adults can wear it during the night while children must wear it only for three hours before going to sleep.

You should be aware that the wraps will make you sweat more than usual. R. Lim used this wraps on her child and she was astonished by the effects. She altered the ingredients – as a replacement for of olive oil she used coconut oil and a tin foil. This also made her child stop coughing and no longer had problems with nasal congestion. The ginger wraps don’t have any side effects, but it must be prepared cautiously, particularly for children, because they have a more delicate skin.

Source > thehealthguide.org

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