How To Start When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose

Losing weight is by no means an easy task, in particular, if you have quite a lot of pounds to get rid of. Nevertheless, anything is possible and you can even lose 50 in about 4 months if you start a healthy diet regimen and demanding exercise. Following these rules will assist you to lose about 12 pounds in one month. Even though this goes above the recommended weight loss guidelines of 1-2 pounds in one week you should not be concerned because it’s not harmful or not possible. You just have to be devoted, persistent and follow the steps we’ve organized for you. They include a healthy diet and work out – healthy lifestyle, in general, which should be implemented on the long-term if you want to achieve your goal and stay there.

Eating right

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is begin a healthy diet. Bring in whole grains, do not count the calories and eat high-quality food.  Stay away from processed food, sweets, and carbs, choose natural sugars (fruit), veggies, lean protein whole grain as an alternative.

Step 2

Do not overeat, even if it is the healthiest plate in the world. At all times eat moderately because overeating won’t help you achieve the 3 pounds a week goal. Your portions must always consist of half a plate full of vegetables. You should not consume more than 1/2 cup of whole grains and a 3-ounce serving of lean protein like chicken breast, white fish or flank steak. Firmly following this eating plan is the only way you can get rid of 50 pounds in 4 months, opposing from it will damage your success.

Step 3

Your meals must also include healthy fats. They will keep you full and won’t get in the way of your weight loss regimen. Add one teaspoon of olive oil, coconut oil, chia or flax seeds, a quarter of an avocado, etc. in your salad or smoothie. Consume nuts between your meals to satisfy your cravings

Step 4

“100% natural” juices, carbonated drinks, sugary coffee drinks, and alcohol are a big NO.  They are filled with sugar and empty calories which will only make you crave for more.

Move it!

Step 1

Your aim ought to be burning 500 calories per training session. Along with the 750-1000 calories decreased by your diet, you will lose a healthy total of calories every day.


Step 2

Focus on cardio since it burns the most calories and that is what you require to lose weight. slowly increase the length and difficulty of your training or else you risk an injury. begin to walk for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week, then raise the length and frequency after few weeks. After a period of few months, you can mix it up and change your routine and try bike riding swimming, or fitness workout. You must change the training for maximum fat burning.

Step 3

When you master the fitness training you can go on with interval training. Interval training consists of alternating sessions of extreme training and short rest periods and it gives astonishing results. You can begin by warming up and then swap two minutes of running or walking with 20-30 minutes of hard work out. This kind of training has proven tremendously effective in weight loss.

Step 4

After several weeks you can start weight training to increase the daily energy burn. Consult a personal trainer for the best results. If you don’t like going to the gym you can carry out these exercises at home. Do 10-12 repetitions in a set for each major muscle group two times a week, never in repeated days. You can do squats, pushups; triceps dips pull-ups and crunches. Once you master the workout put in weights like dumbbells or resistance bands and repeat the same exercises.

Step 5

Sedimentary lifestyle is damaging to your target so avoid sitting and try to be extra active. Take long walks, runs, and vacuum and clean the house, go out bowling, anything is fine as long as you are up on your feet. You can also go dancing just to spice things up! No matter what you do just avoid sitting for a longer period of time, it will undercut your success!



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