Scientists Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats WIN Landmark Defamation Lawsuit in French Court


Anti-GMO scientist wins court order after assault.

French researcher Professor Giles-Eric Seralini as well as his group from the College of Caan made some startling discoveries when evaluating the long-term risks of GMO’s.

They meant to consider the long-term effects of eating genetically modified corn, that had actually been saturated with Monsanto’s herbicide Summary.

Although there were mostly searching for evidence of toxicity in the lab rats they made use of in the research, another very apparent negative effects made itself recognized.

The rats all started to establish substantial tumors, as well as images of the regrettable rats were shared lot of times in the media, due to how stunning the pictures showed up.

The power as well as impact of pro-GMO companies and, certainly, Monsanto who will not listen to a bad word against genetically modified plants or their chemical pesticides quickly acquired the pictures, as well as they were not ready to let Seralini spoil the GMO name.

A very advertised media attack was launched on Seralini, led by former Monsanto scientist Richard E. Goodman.

Seralini’s research study was originally released in the scientific research journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), but after recognizing just how harmful to their industry it could be, Goodman convinced editor-in-chief of FCT Wallace Hayes to remove the article, stripping the research as well as Seralini of all trustworthiness.

Hayes attempted to discuss the decision by saying that it was not ‘fraudulent or unreliable’ yet that it had actually been ‘undetermined’, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that is was very damaging to the GMO market who had power and also impact over him.


Thankfully, Seralini believed in his paper sufficient to fight back, as well as formed the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Modification.

Unhappy that he had actually been mostly assaulted over the pictures of the lumps, which he had actually never ever intended to be the create the media sensation that it did, he wanted individuals to focus on what he initially intended to check out– the poisoning of GMO’s and pesticides.

The team successfully sued Marianne Magazine and also it’s feature journalist Jean-Claude Jaillet for his piece where he declared Seralini was guilty of “clinical scams in which the technique served to reinforce established outcomes”.

The lawsuit highlighted that it had actually been Henry Miller working with behalf of pro-GMO Forbes Publication who had initiated the defamatory claims as well as justice was served.

Unfortunate though it is that Prof. Seralini needed to take such extreme procedure to merely be believed in the scientific research world, it shows to exactly what sizes the pro-GMO brigade are prepared to head to in order to continue their program.

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