Poisoned by Big Pharma? Over 100 Seniors Die After Receiving This Flu Shot Given By Pharmacies


Unsafe influenza vaccine being marketed to seniors.

An influenza vaccine which eliminated over 100 senior citizens is being provided especially to people over 65 in addition to free buying vouchers.

‘ Fluzone’ is an unique high-dose flu injection which has three influenza strains as well as 4 times much more antigen compared to the regular influenza injection, as well as was located to prompt adverse reactions in over 65’s when it was trialed.

In 2 of the Fluzone high-dose vaccine trials, 105 senior citizens passed away after obtaining the shot, and 91 passes away after getting the regular injection, motivating anxieties the vaccination dose is also strong for the more than 65’s– the age that the vaccination is marketed at.

Every year around this time we see the normal adverts encouraging individuals who are ‘in jeopardy’ to head to the medical professionals or pharmacy and also obtain their flu shot. People who are suggested to obtain it are children, any individual who experiences breathing problems such as asthma, as well as the elderly.

However the high-dose Fluzone shot has gone one step even more, CVS are marketing the vaccination, and using a free 20% purchasing voucher to anyone that gets the shot. Why would certainly a pharmaceutical firm have to flog their items utilizing affordable advertising and marketing strategies, it’s practically as if they do not trust the vaccine on its own.

Drug store group Ceremony Help who also offer the shot confess that ‘more studies are being done’ on the toughness of the shot, meaning that there are still issues with it that have to modified, however this has not quit numerous pharmacies from selling, also advertising it.

There have actually just been 2 clinical tests done on the high stamina Fluzone shot, both of which were sponsored by the makers of the injection, Sanofi Pasteur.

In one research, 2,573 grownups ages 65 and also older obtained the high-dose Fluzone shot, while 1,260 were given the routine shot. 156 seniors who got the high-dose as well as 93 from the regular-dose team reported negative results in the 6 month period after the trial.


6 high-dose as well as 7 regular-dose clients died between 29 and 180 days after receiving the shot, but the results intelligently stated that no fatalities were tape-recorded in 28 days after getting the shot.

The 2nd experiment saw much more fatalities, with 83 high-dose and also 84 regular-dose dying within 6-8 months after the test.

Sanofi Pasteur insurance claim that:

” these information do not offer proof for a causal partnership in between deaths as well as vaccination with Fluzone High-Dose.”

Which “the majority of these individuals had a medical history of heart, hepatic, neoplastic, renal, and/or breathing diseases.”

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