How One Woman’s Hairdresser Spotted Melanoma and Saved Her Life

Nobody ever thinks that they are going to get cancer. However, when someone does, It can appear in the most unusual places. This is the case for former reporter Eileen Korey. In June she visited her usual hairdresser for some coloring. It was a routine she did every three weeks. But when her hairdresser noticed a new mark on the back of her head that wasn’t there during her last visit, she was concerned that something was wrong. First, she asked her if she hit her head, and when the answer was no she told Eileen that she is seeing something that she doesn’t like what I see.

melanoma skin cancer

“The hairdresser described it that it was less than the size of a dime, with diverse in color and it had mixed edges. It looked like some kind of a bruise and was flat, not raised.”

Luckily, Eileen’s sister is a dermatology nurse. This has permitted her to pick up some knowledge about odd spots to look out for. It’s helpful particularly since the average person rarely, if ever, inspects the back of their head. Actually, “they have no clue,” says Phillips. “I am always looking.

A lot of hairstylists aren’t conscious of the extremely powerful position they’re in. Not only do they assist in growing their clients’ confidence, but they can also help their client with health issues like skin cancer.

With the assistance of her hairstylist, Korey right away visited a dermatologist for a biopsy. Even though “the wait for the pathology was excruciating, she received a stage zero, in situ melanoma diagnosis. This was a huge relief for the reason that it meant cancer hadn’t grown beyond the top layer of the skin.

“If you have to have melanoma this is the best type to have,” stated Korey. “We are underneath the feeling that our hair protects us. We never think about it.] Since she got her diagnosis, she started wearing hats to protect her scalp.

eileen korey melanoma

Symptoms of Melanoma

In August, she scheduled to remove the surface-level spot from her scalp, a method which ought to leave her cancer-free.

But melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, isn’t always dodged with any trouble. According to Dr. Adam Friedman, her instant decision to visit her doctor was the best thing she could have done since “early identification raises the probability of better outcomes.

So, if you notice any of these skin cancer symptoms, be sure to visit your doctor right away:

  • An irregular mole
  • A spot in the back of your eye, blurred vision
  • A vertical or dark streak on your nails
  • Changes in your skin or scar after removing a mole
  • A pimple(s) that won’t go away
  • A black spot inside your cheek
  • A mole on the sole of your foot

melanoma sun protection

Another easy to remember a way to identify melanoma is the ABCDE method.

Asymmetry: If the mole has an irregular shape
: If the edges are faded, undefined, or messy
: If it has multiple colors, there’s redness, or has bleeding or discharge
: the mole is bigger than the diameter of an AAA battery
: it changes in size, color, or shape


If you can spot it, you can stop it.


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