I have a neighbor that is 57 years old but has feet like a 20-year-old girl and you can discover her recipe below in this article.

Initially, cracked heels are an esthetic problem but when the cracks become deeper the bacteria could go into the cracks and thus they can turn out to be infected and rather painful. To escape this, you must solve this problem as quickly as possible.


The thick and dead skin on the heels appears because of the excess dead skin and can be the reason for reduced blood flow and elasticity. A pumice stone can help and it is frequently used after a bath when your skin becomes softer. You should avoid sharp objects for removing dead because you may remove too much skin and you can cause infection.

Your feet must be treated properly after eliminating the dead skin. To do this, you can arrange at home many natural remedies and as well you can use some creams for moisturizing. Also, coconut oil is a great option. Rub on it with circular movements.

As well you can prepare a foot bath olive oil, rosemary or lime blossom which will improve your circulation. Don’t forget, cracked heels can outcome in many problems. If you wish to have soft and healthy feet you must nourish your foot skin often.

Blisters or blistering

The skin develops thick and rough parts due to extended cracking, pressure and irritation and then blisters could appear. They typically develop on places where there is increased pressure as below or on the toes.


Usually, corns have uneven shape and can be white, gray or yellow. They typically appear on parts under greater pressure like on the little or the big toe. Soft corns could appear between the fingers because the skin is softer.

Try this secret recipe and it will with assurance help you with your problems with cracks, calluses, and corns.

– 10 aspirin pills
– 70% alcohol or 250 ml brandy


Grind the Aspirin pills to powder and then mix them with the alcohol and keep the mixture in a glass jar for 48 hours.


Every evening shake the mixture and after two days take a piece of gauze and soak it in the remedy.Then place the piece of gauze on the affected area and after that wrap your foot in a nylon bag and put your socks over the bag. After waking up wash your feet with lukewarm water and then put some glycerin or coconut oil. After only 10 treatments, your heels will have no trace of rough and thick skin.

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