Erica Diaz, a mother of two suffered a freak mishap after utilizing an usual makeup item. Erica returned after a night out with her pals and also went to wash the makeup off her face. As she cleansed her face, she observed that her eyelid really felt weird. Erica quickly realized that a piece of glitter from the eye make-up she had put on previously was lodged into her eye.

The glitter did a lot more damage compared to you may expect, it ended up reducing her cornea, leaving her with a nasty infection. The infection spread quickly. Quickly, Erica’s eye was filled with puss. She felt extreme stress and agonizing pain, and also she headed to the health center.


For the past year, she has actually been recording her medical process on Imgur. She had 2 cornea transplants, both of which were unsuccessful. When physicians came to be concerned that her eye went to risk for blood poisoning, they not wished to take the threat. Erica’s eye was totally eliminated.

Erica now has a prosthetic eye in position. As a side effect of her medical therapies, she also experienced the loss of her hair, eyebrows and also eyelashes. Shine is sparkly as well as enjoyable to play around with, however Erica nearly lost her life due to it. As a result of a little fleck of glitter. She advised people, “I plead you, PLEASE wear eye security when taking care of glitter.”

The following time you think about purchasing some glittery eye shadow for an evening out, or throwing some radiance on a Do It Yourself craft, you may hesitate as a result of Erica’s tale.

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