Massive 10-Year study has linked diet soda to heart attacks and stroke

Diet soda can now be safely regarded as one of the biggest marketing scams of all time, because of the fact that the manufacturers are convincing people that diet sodas are healthier than regular sodas, and they just worsen their health.

The analysts from the University of Iowa are in charge of finding reality behind this trick. They led an examination on a gigantic scale, that kept going very nearly ten years and included a stunning number of 60,000 members. The lead specialist was Dr. Ankur Vyas and he set the objective to examine the impacts of the aspartame on the human wellbeing and body. The outcomes were stunning!

The investigation demonstrated that in the event that you devour at least 2 consume less calories soft drinks a day, the beverages will really raise the danger of heart issues by 30%, and the danger of death by half!

As indicated by Dr. Vyas, this can have genuine general wellbeing suggestions, particularly as a result of the way that each 1 out of 5 Americans consistently drinks eating regimen drinks. As per this insights, more than 5 million Americans are presented to some truly genuine medical issues, and 5 million individuals is 17% of the whole USA populace.


As per Dr. Mercola, aspartame can prompt genuine intricacies amid pregnancy, since it can really prompt an expanded danger of weight in the unborn infant.

This compound can lead to depression which can lead to cardiovascular problems. Aspartame can also lead to health problems such as:

– Difficulties in managing diabetes

– Personality changes

– Dizziness

– Anxiety


– Hyperactivity

– Lupus

– Fibromyalgia

– Headaches

– Alzheimer’s

– Aggression

– Stomach pain

– Seizures

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