Maca Powder: The Perfect Food For Libido, Sleep, Anxiety, Energy And Hormone Imbalance!

The Maca powder is created from a root of the brassica family and it is a relative of the radish and has an odor similar to butterscotch. The first use of the powder is by the Incans who utilized this root as a natural super food. They cultivated it in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Incan ritual for the royal warriors was to consume maca before the battles to increase stamina, libido strength, and fighting spirit. Nowadays it is used by the athletes to improve the strength stamina, and performance. This vegetable is established to restore hormonal imbalances in women and men (particular women in menopause).

Maca powder for women:

-Macahas the ability to regulate hormonal imbalance.Maca is regarded as an endocrine adaptogen and diindolylmethane(DIM) is one such ingredient. It is discovered in some cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cabbage and sprouts.As well it has anti-cancer properties for some types of cancer.

It works in harmonization with the endocrine system to regulate the levels of hormones. Maca is useful for women in menopause. It is a source of vigorous nutrients that the body depends on for hormonal balance and maintaining the hormones in balance is significant for the health as each body course depends on it.

-Maca reduces the symptoms of menopause

It re-establishes the hormones balance and decreases the symptoms connected with menopause in women. A study made in 2006 discovered that maca reduces the psychological and physiological symptoms of perimenopause like heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, night sweats and hot flashes. The brain fog as an additional menopause symptom is linked with fluctuating levels of hormones. A study established that maca defends from memory loss and some other studies exposed that it is a powerful neuroprotective agent.

Another danger that menopause brings on is the amplified risk of osteoporosis. A study demonstrated that this vegetable protects the bone mineral density and inspires the calcium levels and bone growth. It also reduces the depression symptoms.

-Maca lowers the levels of cholesterol

It is loaded in plant sterols like brassicasterol, ergostadienol, campestrol ergosterol, and sitosterol and all of them help to create the plant’s cell membranes. They are correspondent to the body’s cholesterol.  A research discovered that the sterols decrease the bad cholesterol in human bodies and fight against 3 of the most common cancer types.

-It lowers the levels of glucose

A research from 2007 exposed that maca enhanced the glucose tolerance and decreased the glucose levels in the blood in people who consumed it commonly for 2 weeks.

-It reduces the high blood pressure

It defends you from hyperglycemia and hypertension connected with type-2 diabetes. A study has discovered that it can stop the hypertension relevant ACE (angiotensin I-converting enzyme).

Maca powder for men

-It reduces the size of the prostate

A specific type of maca, red maca was discovered to hold back the growth of prostate and decrease its size, which means it is a powerful alternative to taking care of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

-It increases fertility

It’s been recognized as a treatment for male infertility and it can advance sperm motility and production.

Source > healthyfoodteam.com


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