Inhale Himalayan Salt To Improve Your Sleep, Reduce Mucus And Stop Infections


The pink Himalayan salt has countless medicinal properties since it is high in 84 minerals and trace elements. You should use it as an alternative to table salt, bath soak, body scrub, or pink Himalayan salt lamps.

It can as well be used as a salt inhaler. The salt inhalers have little salt rocks at the bottom and when to breathe in the air moisture helps to absorb the elements of salt into the lungs. It is great for allergies, asthma, congestion and colds. It is safe and also natural without any side effects.

Here are some of the benefits:

-Salt inhaler protects against harmful organisms

This salt defends us against loads of organisms and because of its substance of natural elements and minerals; it improves the immune system and offers anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.


Every day we breathe air rich in smog, dust, smoke, chemical pollutants and our lungs are open to the elements of stress because of the air pollution. Using this salt inhaler will purify your lungs and the surrounding air.

-It soothes sinus issues

Treatment with salt inhalation reinforces the respiratory system. Inhaling this air takes care of the respiratory issues and irritation due to smoking and air pollution.

-It prevents buildup of mucus

This remarkable salt purifies the body of the deposits of mucus from the air toxins. This inhaler will get rid of the mucus accumulation and relieve congestion.

-It improves sleep

By reducing the mucus accumulation and congestion, these salt inhalers calm a cough and snoring at nighttime and help you get the needed rest and to breathe easily.

Here is how to use these inhalers:

Stay away from plastic inhalers and use ceramic ones to put the Himalayan rocks. Put the mouthpiece in the mouth and breathe slow and deep throughout the mouth and exhale throughout the nose. Don’t add water.

The small salt ions will be without difficulty absorbed in the lungs and calm the pain and inflammation caused from numerous reasons like bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia.

Here is a video for more information:

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