Ida Keeling Is a 102-Year-Old Record-Breaker – She Says That Nothing Can Bring Her Down


veryone wishes to know the trick to a long life.

Can you envision just what would certainly you be performing in your eighties, nineties, hundreds? Would you still have the pastimes that you have now? Do you assume you could still be literally energetic?

This remarkable lady, Ida Keeling, is a 102-year-old that has the response to living a long as well as healthy life.

Think it or not, Ida takes only one prescription medicine. She has a strong immune system as well as states that she seldom gets sick. Among her favorite activities is riding a bike, lifting weights, as well as operating on a treadmill. It was her daughter Shelley Keeling, who advised her beginning going for the age of 67 years of ages. Her husband endured a cardiac arrest when he was only 42 years old. But, the greatest tragedy that Ida endured was when her 2 kids, Donald and Charles, were eliminated in horrifying drug-related homicides. Then, her blood glucose degrees obtained actually crazy, as high as 206/106. In addition to it, Ida began combating serious depression. Nevertheless, she claims that God had a different plan for her life.

Her healing started with running

Her little girl is a lawyer as well as a real estate investor. Also, she volunteers as a high school track instructor. So, no wonder that Shelley managed to convince her trying a life-altering exercise. To urge her even more, the little girl as well as mommy ran a race with each other. The race took part in Brooklyn, New York City.

This fantastic lady managed to run 5 kilometres. She located this race extremely hard, yet ultimately, she did not hesitate. Ida claimed that she removed off all her negative memories, pain, and stress. She felt extremely good and that is the reason why she has actually been running since. Shelley claimed that her mom made her really pleased. She appreciates her toughness, courage, and perseverance. Likewise, she is greater than satisfied to see that her mother didn’t let her adverse feelings to bring her down. Ida happily mentions that she is not like other older individuals.

This inspirational lady also added that she was quite fast when she was more youthful. In 2011, Ida was 95 years of ages and also she established the world record. She ran 60 meters at 29.86 secs. In 2012, Ida established the American record at 51.58 secs. In 2014, when she was 99 years old she was the fastest woman of her age. She ran 100-meter dashboard at 59.80 secs at the Gay Gamings. In 2016, when she was 100 years old, she completed a historical success. Think it or not, she ran the 100-meter dashboard in 1 min and also 17 secs.


Ida Keeling’s guidance to everyone is staying active. Likewise, see to it you are bordered by people that sustain you unconditionally. Emotional support is the most vital thing in your life.

Now, she is working with her memoir, which is readied to come out following month. This woman is an ideas as well as inspiration to several young and also old people all over the world.

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