Having 3 cups of coffee per day can cause migraine

We all love our cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy drinking caffeinated beverages with our friends several times during the day. But, a new study finds that too much coffee can be bad for your health.

Well, you might think that this is not surprising, considering the fact that caffeine is a well-known contributor to anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and etc., but new studies find a link between caffeine intake and the chronic migraine. If you are prone to headaches, you might want to read this. 

According to a study published by The American Journal of Medicine, researchers have found that drinking three or more servings of coffee a day might trigger a migraine among those prone to getting them.

Migraine is a common and disabling condition reported in approximately 12% of the population. About 9 percent of men and 16 percent of women suffer from migraines, and the tendency for migraines can run in families. Everyday things can trigger migraine headaches, like certain foods or drinks, stress, too much or too little sleep, hormones, or even things like bright lights, hunger, and smells.


The symptoms will vary from person to person and individuals may have different symptoms during different attacks. Migraine attacks usually last from 4 to 72 hours and most people are free from symptoms between attacks.

The Harvard study was conducted using 98 volunteers, mostly women. The majority of them or 66 % of the participants reported consuming one to two caffeinated beverages a day, while 20% said they typically did not drink any caffeinated beverages. 12% reported drinking three to four servings a day. The volunteers were asked to keep diaries that tracked lifestyle factors, such as caffeine and alcohol consumption, physical activity and stress levels, for at least six weeks.

The results showed that one or two servings of coffee were not associated with having a migraine headache, but among those who rarely consumed caffeine, just one or two servings could increase headache risk.
For those who normally had one or two servings a day, three or more caffeinated drinks were linked to an increased risk of headaches. And the risk rose as the number of servings increased: The people who consumed three or more servings had 1.4 times higher odds of a migraine on the same day, while those who consumed five or more servings had 2.61 times higher odds of headache on the same day. Considering the results, if you want to avoid headaches you should limit yourself to no more than two servings a day of caffeinated beverages.


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