What happens to your heart when you drink energy drinks every day?


High levels of caffeine is helpful for the body and mind, as well as it can improve the psychological awareness, it could ease headaches and it can also deal with bronchial asthma as well as diabetic issues.

Yet, if it is integrated with man-made energizers as well as sugar, it could end up being a strong toxin, which can harm our cardiovascular system and also sometimes, it could even bring about heart attacks.

Such is the case with Cory Terry, a 33-year-old dad, that passed away from a cardiac arrest, as a result of regular consumption of Red Bull, the prominent power beverage.

Patricia Terry, his mommy, claims that he was a go-getter, that did not smoke, as well as he consumed this beverage on a daily basis. Inning accordance with the searchings for in a scientific research, Red Bull and energy beverages that are similar to it, cause serious damage to the individuals that are dealing with cardiovascular problems, and it can also trigger various side-effects on people that are perfectly healthy and balanced.

A trial that entailed 15 healthy individuals, who obtained 2 500ml. cans of an unidentified power drink, which was components wise the same as Red Bull. They needed to consume this drink on a daily basis, for 7 days. Simply hours after the first consummation of the power drink, the high blood pressure of the individuals rose by 8 percent, as well as by the end of the test, it was elevated by ten percent.

The heart rates of the participants of the trial were likewise elevated by 8 percent after the very first day, and by the end of the test, it got to 11 percent.

These variables are attached to a higher risk of a heart attack due to the fact that the raised high blood pressure will certainly trigger damages to the arteries, which could lead to a stroke as well as embolism. High heart prices are also linked to an enhanced danger of cardiac arrest.


Red Bull consists of great deals of sugar as well as carbonation, taurine and caffeine as stimulants, and also a number of B-group vitamins. The troubling thing is that there is very little study done on the mix of these ingredients, and the little research studies that have been done on this issue, show that it is a genuinely unsafe combination which could damage our wellness.

There was a research that included 13 participants, people which were experienced in endurance training, and they needed to execute stressful exercises 3 times a day. Prior to their workouts, they were provided Red Bull, a drink that resembles Red Bull however without taurine, and a placebo drink which contained no stimulants.

The searchings for of the research study showed that the one beverage that influenced the amount of blood that is pumped in and out of their heart, was Red Bull. This implies that when isolated, the ingredients of the Red Bull could not be unsafe, the mix of all these components is something that can truly damage our health, and also the most afflicted body organ of all is our heart.

If you require a quick increase of power, have a mug of coffee rather.

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