Grow a Lemon Tree of a Seed, Naturally, Easy and at Home

Everybody knows that citrus fruits are a real powerhouse that encloses a diversity of significant vitamins and minerals that can keep our health in check. The majority of citrus fruits are wealthy in vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus, but they as well have a high amount of sugar in them, which is why you require being careful with their consumption. Citrus fruits are very hard to grow, but fortunately, tangerines and lemons can be effortlessly grown at home. Here is how to grow your own lemon tree:

Get a baby lemon tree – those aged 3 works best. Buy one plastic pot with drainage holes on the bottom which is bigger than the root of the small tree. Place the tree in the pot and cover it with soil. Afterwards, add some stones for better airflow and drainage. The lemon tree requires 8-10 hours of daily sunlight and habitual watering – though, make sure not to overwater it. Lemons require 6-9 months to become ripe and ready for harvest.


Lemons can as well be grown from a seed. You will need few lemon seeds, a rich soil (peat, vermiculite), organic fertilizer, one pot, seeding pot and a sunny spot. Follow these several steps:

  • First, moisten the pot, but ensure it’s not too wet;
  • After that fill the smaller pot with soil which should be just below the rim;
  • Take out the seeds from an organic lemon, then take away its pulp well and suck it until it’s clean;
  • Place the moist seed in the small pot about ½ an inch deep, after that spray the soil with water;
  • Cover up everything with plastic wrap and seal the edges well with a rubber band;
  • Place the pot in a sunny location, and keep it moist for approximately 2 weeks;
  • After two weeks, you should see a sprout rising from the soil;
  • Afterwards, keep the soil well moist, and ensure the sprout gets 8 hours of sunlight daily;
  • Check it daily to prevent any bug infestation and illnesses, and trim the plant whenever you need to;
  • Once the tree outgrows the pot, repot it in a bigger one – just follow the previous steps.


Mandarin oranges are even easier to cultivate – you will clearly need mandarin orange seeds from an organic fruit. You should plant the seed in the same way as the lemon seed. The mandarin orange tree can reach 6 feet in height and is safe to grow indoors. Water it frequently, and make sure the pot has appropriate drainage. If the roots poke out, repot the plant in a bigger pot. Pick the fruits when they’re orange – it should take as much time as the lemons.

As you can see, growing your own citrus fruits is easier than most people think. Grow a lemon or mandarin orange tree in your home and you’ll have a limitless organic supply of lemons and mandarins forever.

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