What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil is a main part of the Mediterranean diet, and it has been consumed thousand years ago by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, because it has a lot of health benefits.

Monosaturated fatty acids are a significant ingredient which offers great welfares to the heart and to numerous other parts of the body when consumed on daily basis.

A research confirmed that Mediterranean diet plan rich in olive oil reduces the risk of forming type 2 diabetes issues in comparison to having other low fat diet routines. Olive oil is also great for bone health, brain health and weight-loss. As well it soothes irregular bowel movements.

What is good about its composition?

Olive oil is full with mono saturated fatty acids which offer less fatty tissue load to the body. It is as well plentiful in phenolic, the acidic constituent that delivers the oil its acidic and bitter taste.

It has ZERO PROTEIN and also ZIRO CARBOHYDRATES with just bits of hydrogenated fat in it. As well it has vitamin E and vitamin K which are great for the skin. The phenolic acids are also great for the heart.

What is extra virgin olive oil? Is there anything really extra virgin about it?

The term ‘virgin olive oil’ doesn’t clarify its quality, and virgin olive oil does not mean it is added pure. The difference is in the process of production.

There are 4 scores for virgin olive oil. The lowermost quality of virgin olive oil is mostly used in soap production, and isn’t appropriate for consumption.

The virgin olive oil that has the highest grade is the olive oil that is cold pressed, and it has superior taste and fragrance. This is not heated for more than 86F degrees.

A lot of fake oil is being sold on the marketplace, particularly when it comes to “extra virgin olive oil”. The University of California conceded out tests amongst a lot of brand names in the US that have the label of extra virgin olive oil on them. The study came up with this shocking fact: 69% of extra virgin olive oil offered in the US markets is FAKE!!!

The Next time you see ‘extra virgin olive oil’, you have to be very careful!

So, precisely how do you know if it is an original or fake when you are purchasing it?

What is FAKE olive oil and how prevalent is its circulation?

Fake olive oil can be just a mixture of two oils, a highest part of sunflower oil contained within in a share of pure olive oil, in addition it can be recognized as extra virgin olive oil.

It can be a subnormal, a mixture of many olive oils from diverse countries. Be careful when you see the tags of extra virgin and extra pure.

The flow of fake olive oil is so typical that you realize that many famous brands advertizing themselves to deliver THE HEALTHIEST OLIVE OIL, but in fact it is a FAKE one.

A study stated that many famous brands consisting of Bertolli, Mezzetta, Filippo Berio, Newman’s own Mazzola, Star, Colavita, Safe way, and also Whole meals are retailing fake olive oil.

How to know if it is a FAKE olive oil? What are the tests to help you differentiate fake olive oil from original olive oil?

Now we have related to the most significant question: How to discover if it is a FAKE olive oil?

Is it worth buying it if it isn’t original? For the first worry we are going to try to help you with some tips. When it comes to the second, embrace your thoughts on your own!

A very easy checkup that could be done at home is to cool the “extra virgin olive oil”. When it strengthens, it indicates it has additional mono saturated fats in it, nevertheless this still doesn’t eliminate the presence of other oils. Then again, if it doesn’t strengthen, then it indicates it isn’t extra virgin olive oil at all!

Extra virgin olive oil is estimated to keep the oil lamp flammable. Yet again, it is not a truly precise checkup. If the oil does not light the oil lamp for longer time, it definitely isn’t extra virgin olive oil.

The lamp and refrigerator test are not particularly dependable methods to discover the truth regarding your olive oil. The very best choice is buying olive oil from district farmers. You must to understand that the olive oil produced in Italy is considered standard paralleled to the olive oil from other countries.

Look for Certification

Your best guarantee that you are actually getting a first class olive oil is to attempt to find 3rd party qualification. The California Olive Oil Council along with the Australian Olive Association both have severe accreditation programs that make their seals reliable.


When obtaining olive oil made in Italy, pursuit for PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) seals.


As a final point, the ‘TAKE HOME’ message we are giving you is to be very cautious and picky the next time you are purchasing olive oil, explicitly the extra virgin one!

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