Garlic is a potent medicine. It has been used since for centuries in many cultures. Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Egyptians, all civilizations were conscious of the welfares of garlic and it was a usual item in their daily diet. Egyptians prepared about 22 medicines from garlic.

Once you get to recognize the huge benefits of this garlic, you won’t be worried by its smell and will assuredly make it a regular item in your daily diet.

Garlic encourages your immune system and assists in protecting your body from different diseases. It is an outstanding healer and is frequently used as a first aid during illness or as a precautionary measure.


Best Use of Garlic:

For preventing and treating a number of diseases, it is extremely recommended to take garlic on an empty stomach. A study by a number of scientists has exposed that the antibiotic properties of garlic upsurges, and is more effective when it is consumed on an empty stomach.

An Ideal Antibiotic: Garlic has more than 400 diverse mineral components. It is an outstanding remedy for fighting the flu, common cold, and fungal infections. Garlic also has a phytoncide known as allicin.

It has powerful bacteriostatic effects and helps in treating infections faster. Garlic is as well rich in Vitamin B, C and D, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphoric and sulfuric acids.

Benefits of garlic:

Garlic has the following astonishing health benefits:

– Helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol.

– Prevents aging and clogging of arteries.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– It also kills bacteria.

– Guards against heart diseases

– Decreases blood pressure.

– Reducing the risk of heart attack by stopping the creation of blood clots.

– Garlic likewise kills the cells of malignant brain tumors.

– Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is a great medicine of flu and common cold.

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