Dandelion Root: Boosts your immune system and has cured prostate, lung and other cancers


Dandelion is a highly widespread plant in all parts of the world. A lot of people consider this plant to be a weed, but they are not well informed for its many healing properties. The leaves and also the root are both used therapeutically. Dandelion root is full with minerals like potassium, magnesium, silica, calcium, iron, chlorophyll and Sulfur. Also, it contains mucilage and inulin, which has the ability to improve the function of your digestive system, absorb the toxins from the food we consume, cleanse your liver, etc. The leaves are as well full with minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B6, C, E, and K,


This fact about the dandelion are known for many years, but a new research showed some new sensational facts about the dandelion root.

A new research has established that dandelion root has destroyed up to 98 % of the leukemia cells in laboratory tests, and it took only 48 hours.

Dr. Carolyn Hamm from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada clarified that extract obtained from the dandelion root was the one and only thing that can help with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. A patient named J. Di Carlo after an aggressive treatment without success for his leukemia was sent at his house to spend there “his last days” of his life. He was advised by a friend to trey a treatment with tea from dandelion root because he had nothing to lose. Within only four months, he was in a remission phase and his doctors related his achievement to his consuming dandelion tea. Also, well-known herbalist Maria Treben vouch for dandelion root tea for numerous diseases, counting different types of cancer.

Studies disclosed that extract from dandelion root acts very fast on the cancerous cells, in a way that they disintegrate in only 48 hours, throughout this time the new formed healthy cells in the body aren’t affected.
Additional studies have discovered that the extract of dandelion root has a strong anticancer activity against colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and leukemia. There are not important effects on brain and skin cancer.

The immune system is the one that is controlling the cancer cells in your body. If your immune system is strong and healthy, usually than cancer does not appear. When the immune system is fragile, your body start losing control over the cancer cells and in that situation cancer appears. Powder from dandelion root has a strong phytochemical that build up your blood and boosts your immune system. Doctors have been trying to eliminate cancer with radiation and chemotherapy. By using chemo or radiation, they are destroying your immune system and also your appetite. Healthy immune system and healthy appetite are the two most important things that you need to beat cancer.

How should I preserve dandelion roots?

Dandelion roots could be used fresh for cooking and also for medicine. If you want to store it for longer time drying works best. You should scrubbed the roots well before cutting them. Thick roots have to be sliced lengthways into strips with even thickness so you could decrease the drying time and create uniform drying.


You should use a commercial dehydrator for drying the roots at 95 degrees F until stiff. If you don’t have a dehydrator you should spread the root on a screen and place in a dry and cool location that has a good air flow, and let it dry for 2 weeks or until brittle. You can keep this dry roots for about a year.


How do I Use Dandelion Root?

To use the medicinal benefits of the dandelion roots, they must be tinctured or decocted. To make a tincture, put the dandelion root in a glass jar and cover it 40 % alcohol. Cover the root with the alcohol and let it stay from 4-6 weeks, shaking it every day. Strain out the plant and store in a dark glass bottle.

To make a decoction, place 1 ounce of dried dandelion root or 2 ounces fresh dandelion roots in a pan, put one pint of water. Bring to a boil, cover it and let it boil for 20 minutes. Strain the root and compost the spent roots. You can use the root decoctions for simple healing teas.

Dried dandelion root preserves its energetic benefits up to a year. At all times stock the root in a glass jar in a dark and cold place.

The best use of the dandelion root is in a form of powder. You can take half a teaspoon of the powder daily and mix it with water. Don’t use it with other drinks or even anything hot. After one week, you will start to feel good. Most of the times, this will boost the immune system in about three to four weeks. After that, your immune system will take control over the cancer cells and it will stop spreading. You should not anticipate a miracle because won’t be an overnight treatment so it will take some time until your body removes from cancer.

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