The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

Only a few people know that our body’s urine can tell a lot about our health condition. It’s consistency, smell and color can be a sign of a variety of health issues.

Urine consists of 5% urea and 95% water, creatinine, potassium and other materials concerned with diverse processes of our digestive and urinary system.

The yellow color of the urine appears from the waste product produced from the breakdown of red blood cells – known as urobilin.


The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

Green or blue urine

The extreme amount of artificial colors in your organism can give your urine this color. Medications such as Uribel or trivial food items like jello can, in addition, be the reasons for the color. Nevertheless, this isn’t serious, you just have to drink a lot of water and get rid of from the system.

  • Brown

Medications like anti-malaria chloroquine, antibiotic metronidazole can be the reason for the brown color of your urine. Too much exercising can as well be the reason for this color.

Brown color can be a signal of liver problems, so it is suggested to visit a urologist.

  • Really dark pink

This color frequently means cancer for the reason that there is a lot of blood in the urine. Check with your doctor right away.

  • Darker shade of pink

This color point toward the amount of blood in the urine and it frequently indicates cancer, bladder infection or some other serious condition.

  • Pink

Consuming too many beets can result in pink color of the urine or it can, in addition, be an indicator of blood in the urine. Call your doctor right away.

  • Orange

The great amounts of bilirubin in your blood can result in orange urine. It can be a result of urinary tract medicine or gallstones obstacles in the bile duct.

  • Dark yellow

This color indicates too many amounts of vitamin B in your body or grave level of dehydration.

  • Medium yellow

We greatly recommend you to increase the intake of water because this is the major sign of dehydration.

  • Fizzy

The extreme amounts of protein or mucus being broke down or infection of the bladder can cause this color.

  • Light yellow

This is the normal color of the urine and it means that your body is appropriately hydrated.

  • Clear

This color means chemical misbalance and dissolved electrolytes or overly hydrated body.

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