Cardiologist Suggests 5-Day Diet: A Safe Way To Lose 15 Pounds

The diet regimen listed below was designed by a European cardiologist. The main source of protein on this diet regimen are eggs, we suggest that you acquire organic eggs. Exact same holds true for the fresh fruits you pick.

It’s printer friendly so simply click ctrl+ p as well as print. You’ll constantly have it handy and just what’s even more, when paired with thirty minutes of daily workout, it could help you securely lose up to fifteen pounds!

This is a really basic diet. The breakfast daily is the same: 1 piece of your preferred fruit, anything but grapes or bananas. A serving of blackberries or blueberries will additionally offer needed anti-oxidants.

Day 1

Lunch: 1 orange, a mug of yogurt, 1 egg
Supper: 2 steamed eggs, 2 items of salute, 1/2 a cucumber or a little bowl of lettuce, 2 tomatoes

Day 2
Lunch: 1 orange, a cup of yogurt, 1 steamed egg
Supper: a piece of salute, 125 gr. of red meat, a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar, 1 orange

Day 3


Lunch: 1 cucumber, 1 orange, 1 steamed egg
Dinner: 125 gr. of cooked red meat, 1 orange, a piece of toast, a cup of coffee or tea without any sugar

Day 4

Lunch: an item of salute, 1 orange, 125 gr. of cottage cheese
Supper: the like day 3

Day 5

Lunch: an item of salute, 200 gr. of prepared meat or fish, 1 tomato
Dinner: 1/2 an extra pound of prepared carrots, potatoes and also peas

We advise complying with the method over for a five-day cycle, adhered to by a two-day remainder, before rebooting the cycle. Vegetables should be cooked without salt, as well as alcohol ought to be entirely prevented. If you currently experience health concerns, seek advice from your physician first.

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