Burger-Flipping Robot Starts Replacing People in Fast Food Restaurants

While across the U.S. fast-food employees continue to demand bigger wages, a chain restaurant in California decided to hire a new staff member who in fact works for free.

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day at this new job replacing humans at the grill.

The robot’s name is “Flippy”. Flippy is acquainted with the art of making the perfect burger and just begin working at a fast- food chain CaliBurger.

Who Made Flippy?

CaliBurger stated that they would install this high-tech substitute in 50 locations of CaliBurger all around the world. The robotic kitchen assistant, i.e., Flippy is created by California startup company by the name Miso Robotics.

It should come out in 2018. According to David Zito, the CEO of Miso they are excited about the pressure that the Miso’s Al-based solutions will have to the restaurant industry.

In addition, the CEO added that it is very probable that their robot will contribute and push workers out of their jobs.

People will always have a vital role when it comes to the warmth and kind side of this business. Nevertheless, they are not sure what new roles will come into sight in this industry.

How Will This Affect Current Jobs?

Ironically, Flippy is made in order to substitute workers. And this is occurring in one of most progressive states in America. Some California cities by now raised the minimum wage because the state has a strategy to push this rate to $15 by the year 2022.

According to Peter Tateishi, Sacramento Metro Chamber this wage is in fact not sustainable for a lot of companies. Simply because with that $5 raise it will come to  $12,000 increase per employee.

And someone that certainly agrees with the cost-saving plan is the creator of CaliBurger. John Miller, the Cali Group CEO at a restaurant franchising summit in London envisioned that his chain has potential to work without kitchen employees.

Miller says that a completely automated kitchen is probable. He added that they identify themselves as a technology company that happens to sell burgers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015 the median pay for 5 million fast-food employees was $9.44. “Flippy” will appear in kitchens across America in 2018.

That is when workers might encounter a new challenge in their combat for $15.

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