Breaking News: “I had 4th STAGE prostate cancer, Here’s how I defeat it!”

Is there an opportunity that the cancer treatment is at hand, and also we do unknown it? Can our team believe the insurance claims that the regular baking soda can entirely heal cancer? We can as well as we should, given that countless statements by cancer cells clients assert the same.

Vernon Johnston was informed by the physicians that he would certainly not live long, which there is no salvation for him, however he was entirely recuperated after couple of weeks! Using baking soda, he did well in beating a prostate cancer phase 4, which also infected the bone marrow.

As a result of the level of anxiety to which people are exposed and all bad-quality items worldwide, creating a vicious cycle of business capitalist system as well as diseases in the world, countless people are enduring.

Vernon said that because of cancer cells development due to the enhanced toxic substance levels in all sectors of society, from contaminated water, food, vaccines, to the infected air, individuals are passing away throughout the world.

So, a modification must occur.

Larry, his brother, claimed that “When Vernon was diagnosed with cancer cells, I told him that he need to try to enhance the pH in the body, since cancer can not be created in an alkaline environment.”

Vernon, following his advice, got a cesium chloride to enhance the pH-level in his system. Without panic or concern although his doctors stated he would not live a lot longer, Vernon came close to the problem. Additionally, he did not go through any other treatments, however he believed to defeat the condition with cesium chloride.

He was established to kill the cancer cells prior to it eliminated him. Nonetheless, throughout transport, cesium chloride which he had ordered was lost, and because of lack of time, he tried to find an additional alternative with which he can increase the pH-level in his body.

The solution was easy: a drug made from cooking soft drink as well as maple syrup.As he did not have maple syrup in the kitchen area, he used the molasses.

The whole treatment, the protocol that is made use of, which included a diet regimen that promotes alkalinity, minerals, vitamin supplements and also a great deal of sunlight with cooking soda as well as molasses, which changed the syrup, all was videotaped in Vernon’s journal.

The most affordable, the best as well as probably one of the most reliable solution that exists for treating canceris sodium bicarbonate (cooking soft drink). Sodium bicarbonate has no adverse result, it can only help in the fight versus cancer.

Maple syrup allows cooking soda to participate in the cancer cells to strike them with alkalinity and damage them by oxidizing. Molasses additionally assisted, also provided him a much better mineral basis as nutritional assistance. Nonetheless, most alternative cancer cells therapies include complete abstention from sugar, because it feeds cancer cells.


Place two teaspoons of baking soda (for dental consumption) in a cup and also add a little bit of molasses or syrup. After that, pour a little water. Repeat this in an additional pot on the oven to obtain little cozy, and after that mix all.

This beverage must be eaten a number of times a day.


Below is a video clip for how to prepare this treatment:

Vernon claims that it is important to clean your body from level of acidity in case of cancer cells. Soda is merely the most effective solution to raise alkaline environment in the body, with the renunciation of “sugar” certainly and the food that increases the level of acidity of the body.

After a couple of weeks of performing this treatment, the medical exam confirmed that has totally healed the prostate cancer and also bone marrow.

Now he lives to tell his experience as well as to “enlighten” individuals in need of his incredible remedy.

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