Early this week, a surprising information came out that Filipino expert actress and also singer Isabel Granada was rushed to Qatar medical facility due to a brain aneurysm and also several heart attacks. Granada is still in the comatose state.

Reports claimed that the starlet remained in Qatar as a star visitor speaker for the Philippine Profession as well as Tourism Meeting. Her household is requesting prayers for her rapid healing.

What is a mind aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm, also called a mind cerebral, is the swelling of the artery’s weak location that is accountable for providing blood to the brain inning accordance with Pinoy MD report. This condition has no signs and symptoms and also typically undetected.

According to Dr. Carlos Francis Santiago, an endovascular neurosurgeon, there are variables that trigger a mind aneurysm that is in our control.

” Yung mga factors na pwede magpa-increase ng pagputok nito, with the increase ng blood pressure, o kaya mataas ang mg cholesterol, blood sugar level, kasi nakakapangpahina ito ng ugat,” he claimed.

When the swelling is left unnoticed as well as treated, it might result in subarachnoid hemorrhage, a condition where the wall surface becomes slim and the blood takes off in the head which causes a stroke.


Studies show that people ages 35-60 are prone in a mind aneurysm where women are more in jeopardy compared to guys. Smoking cigarettes can also contributes to the danger of having a brain aneurysm.

— severe headache
— high blood pressure
— nausea or vomiting
— throwing up
— fainting

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