Amish People Used This Remedy For Centuries, Here Is Why!


Amish people used the black healing salve as a natural remedy for centuries.

This ointment gets rid of the toxins from the body and drags out some foreign objects that can attach to the skin.

It is a combination of essential oils, activated charcoal/tar and wax.

The activated charcoal is one of the most important and vital ingredients. It helps the skin cure quickly.

This balm can treat burns or rashes and get rid of a foreign object from the skin like wooden splinter or metal. It is also known as called ‘Hills Schemer’ or ‘healing smear’ by the Amish community.

How much it is successful, depends on the selected recipe and the used ingredients. It can take care of insect and spider bites and cystic acne.

It can be in addition used for removing thorns and glass shards and for ingrown toenails. It is as well helpful if there comes to touch with poison ivy or oak.

The skin cancer can’t be taken care of with this remedy so you ought to use it for minor skin issues. This remedy isn’t yet proven effective.


Its most important ingredient is bloodroot and it is suggested for squamous skin cell carcinoma treatment but the controlled evidence doesn’t support this.

Do not confuse this thing with the other and if you want to get rid of acne investigate how to use black healing salve.

Black healing salve’s ingredients:

– 10 drops of calendula oil – because it moisturizes the skin and has antibacterial and also anti-inflammatory properties

– 1/2 cup of castor oil – because it moisturizes the skin and reduces acne

– 3 teaspoons of activated charcoal – because it eliminates the toxins from the skin and reduces the stinging sensation of poison ivy or insect bites

– 2 teaspoons of beeswax – because it improves the texture and acts as binding agent

– 1/2 cup of coconut oil – because it is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and also it moisturizes the skin and stimulates quicker skin healing

– 3 teaspoons of bentonite clay – because it has related benefits as the activated charcoal and gives non-greasy consistency


Mix the activated charcoal, essential oils, and the bentonite clay. Soften the beeswax and add the calendula oil. Next, mix it with the other ingredients. Place it in a glass jar and let it cool.

Seal the jar well, airtight so the ingredient will have the effectiveness. Keep the jar in a dark place away from direct sunlight and it should stay there for few weeks.

The black healing salve consists of natural ingredients. The one that is suggested for skin cancer has different ingredients, more powerful formula and high erosive properties.

The most widespread ingredients are chloride zinc and powdered bloodroot.

Keep in mind not to confuse it with the ‘Black Salve’ which is controversial and strong skin cancer treatment and contains zinc and bloodroot.

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