A Man’s Body Full of Worms After Consuming Sushi

A Man’s Body Full of Worms After Consuming Sushi

If you are a fan of sushi lover you from time to time enjoy consuming spicy tuna rolls, you should definitely be acquainted with the country of origin of the fish and the way it is prepared.

You must be very careful if you do not want to experience the same health troubles as this man.

If sushi isn’t prepared the right way it can gravely affect your health. This man enjoyed in a portion of sushi but regretted it just a few minutes later since he felt severe abdominal pain. He went to check the pain with his doctor. The scans exposed that his body was filled with parasitic tape worms.

To be more accurate, the worms were Diphyllobothrium.  Diphyllobothrium is a parasitic kind which is present in all fish. They can be the cause for a condition called Diphyllobothriasis after a person eats undercooked or raw fish.


The symptoms of Diphyllobothriasis are:


  • Sharp abdominal pain
  • Weak muscles
  • unexpected weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • Reduced appetite
  • Sleep disorders

Parasitic worms can even be deadly. They can even get into your brain and live there for years. They can be very difficult to diagnose. The most horrible thing is that they are frequently detected when it’s too late. There are many cases when even cooked fish isn’t safe to consume and people get infected with parasitic worms.

So, next time you are consuming sushi or another type of fish, you should be extra careful.

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