526 teeth removed from a 7-year-old boy from India

An unusual surgery was performed at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in Chennai, India at the beginning of this month. During the five hour operation, doctors have extracted an astounding 526 teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy who suffered from compound composite odontoma, a benign tumor.

Composite odontoma is a rare defect in humans in which a benign tumor forms in the mouth, generally as a result of the abnormal growth of a single tooth, causing additional teeth to form within the tumor. Most cases have been found in the upper jaw of patients. However, it this case, it’s not known whether the condition was caused by genetic or environmental factors.


The 526 teeth, ranging in size between 1mm to 15mm, were found inside a sac that was nestled in the molar region of the lower jaw of the boy. According to Pratibha Ramani, the head of the department of oral and maxillofacial pathology at the hospital, all of the teeth had a small crown, enamel, and a small root.

Despite the large number of teeth inside his mouth, the boy was not in too much pain. He was first taken to a hospital for a swollen jaw at the age of 3, but his parents refused to cooperate for any investigative procedures at the time, due to his young age, so his condition was left undiagnosed for four years, and the swollen area continued to grow. According to the doctors, this is the first time ever that so many teeth were seen in a single individual. 

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