4 ingredients that will help you get the flat belly you want

You can discover different weight loss tips everywhere you look, so it’s very easy to get confused about the reality on the most successful way to lose weight. The fact is that when it comes to losing weight, what you eat is more significant than the amount you eat.

Raw foods will every time win over processed foods. Foods that are full of fiber play a particularly important role in losing weight and it’s simple to integrate them into the food you eat every day.

The role of fiber in weight loss


A study exposes that food with a high-fiber content guide to losing weight.

This is particularly true for people who go after a more easy diet. The researchers were paying attention in finding out whether rising only one nutrient in someone’s diet would lead to losing weight.

The experiment was very successful: The researchers exposed that the participants who just added more fiber-rich foods in their daily diet dropped 2.1 kg (more than 4.5 lbs) in weight in 12 months. If you do not fancy changing your diet radically, increasing your fiber consummation can help you lose more weight.

Why you should target your middle

All the participants in the study suffered metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome consists of five symptoms that can guide to heart disease. The symptoms are high blood sugar, high triglyceride level, high blood pressure, (the fat in your blood), also low HDL cholesterol level, the “good” cholesterol that cleanses the cholesterol in your blood.

The final symptom is having a surplus of fat around your waist.

The fat on your stomach area is riskier than having fat anywhere else on your body because it raises your risk of heart disease. If you increase at least 3 of these symptoms, you are at risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

With more fiber in your diet, you can eliminate these risks.

Fiber-rich weight loss recipe

This recipe has four ingredients with an elevated fiber and water content.

What you will need

• 1 cup celery: water 96.38 g | fiber 1.6 g
• 1 cup parsley: water 52.63 g |fiber 2.0 g
• 1 cup cucumber: water 128.65 g | fiber 0.5 g
• 1 cup pineapple: water 141.90 g | fiber 2.3 g

Mix all ingredients in a food processor.

They previously have high-water content, but if you like you can add water. Do not juice these ingredients for the reason that you will lose some fiber if you remove parts of them. You could consume it for breakfast because it’s a refreshing recipe that unites fruit and vegetables and it’s ideal to help you begin your day.

This recipe will provide you 6.4 g of fiber, which is significant for weight loss, but your diet should contain more fiber and additional nutrients. The suggested quantity of fiber is 25 g for women and 38 g for men on a daily base.

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